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  1. I am looking at ways you could get a 400w hps to someway improve the results. I have been thinkin about the different reflectors that are out and about. I have read that some give upto 50% better penetration and coverage.. Is there better reflectors out there that are better than others?....
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    could you tell us what brand light and what type of reflector your using now

    and check this out for a 400w grow...

  3. ...I don't know what your growing method is now but if all your looking for is better yields, try growing hydroponics....try to keep your canopy as even as possible, aircool your bulb and get the light as close as possible.
  4. ehh... im a hydro grower myself and i wouldnt try to switch ur style up quite yet if your still experimenting with your technique
  5. I have a bog standard reflector at the moment along with a Sunmaster dual spectrum bulb.
    I came across this while browsing and it got me thinking...
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    There are better reflectors but they aren't too important as long as your grow space is already reflective.
    I wouldn't spend 30 extra dollars for a reflector.

    I'm going to be using a 6" cool tube with out a reflector.

    It's more about the bulb brand, and growing technique.

    Look into the Advanced Growing Technique section, you'll learn a lot.

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