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Improvements on rolling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheGreenGod, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. [​IMG] Personally, I think I suck at rolling. Nah for real, I can really only roll fatties or cones. I cant roll normal joints for some reason. Would anyone happen to have some good vids or something?
  2. Did you just roll a battery up in a paper and call it a joint?
  3. No sir, there is no battery in there.. Just some herb sir.
  4. Is there more than a gram in that one joint?
  5. Didn't measure it, because thats how I roll. lol

  6. Wow, that thing is a fatty. hahaha.

    Try checking out the guide to rolling joints and looking up youtube videos on how to roll a joint. They will help, but the best way to learn is to just practice. Just keep on rolling.
  7. Also, do you know if you can just roll a blunt instead of just doing that tucking shit?
  8. wow try putting less herb in the j
    ive always found it easy so i dont know any advice haha
  9. That is probably the worst and most wasteful joint i have ever seen. You could literally make 4-5 joints out of that just that one. Get a dutch if you wanna smoke something novelty.
  10. Looks like layers and layers of paper, basically smoking 50/50 paper/weed lol

  11. Yeah you should probably roll blunts or get a dutch, you are packing so much into those joints you would be way better off with a blunt.

    Like this guy said, you could easily roll 5 joints out of the amount you put into that.
  12. Its only two papers.....
  13. Whoever already mentioned it, I think I'm going to have to agree with them; that definitely looks like a battery or a screw wrapped up in a bunch of rolling papers. I mean what the hell is that metallic looking capsule on the right end? (don't just tell me that's the roach).

    If you consider this decent, or even try to smoke joints like this, you should really consider buying a bowl so half of your weed doesn't fall out as soon as you take your first hit.

    Or, maybe in the future, just go to Google or Youtube and type in "how to roll a joint" instead of rolling up random objects in rolling paper and posting them online for a cheap laugh.
  14. Some useful tips:

    Before you put the herb in your brand new paper- right out of the package.... play with the paper first. Roll it back and forth with just your thumbs and index fingers, so that way it isn't as stiff and you sort of break it in.

    If you can't figure out the rolling motion (its just practice practice practice) then here's the next thing that anyone can succeed at, and it won't end up being a waste of weed like the picture you showed us.

    Take a standard ink pen, or pencil, or sharpie marker (something cylindrical) and wrap your empty paper around that and lick the glue and seal it onto the pen. Slide the rolled paper towards the bottom of said pen, and have the paper 75% off the pen, and 25% still "plugged" on the bottom with the pen's bottom. Now you have a standard shape of a joint (not the size of a battery) and you can slowly but surely fill in the weed that way. It takes longer than just rolling it standard, but it'll certainly provide better results than what you did.
  15. It looks like you're rolling like you would roll a cigarette with tobacco, starting in the middle and working to the end with each hand to keep it even thickness!
    Put less in,
    Make roach smaller,
    Start at your roach end working up rolling,
    Practice getting conical shape,
    Only lick right at end when is just a matter of running finger down it to Stick.

    These are just my tips and methods, you still have to find whats comfortable for you.
  16. Its not a battery.
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    Hahah, in England we call them tampon rolls.
  18. LOL, that joint just made my day.
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