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Improved Sploof Design

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DirtyB, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Just to start out, I'm sure we all know the home-made dryersheet sploofs with rubberbands, and I'm sure we know that is still doesn't compare to a smoke buddy.

    I don't really use sploofs, but I HAD to over the holidays, and we had no dryer sheets.

    1. Get a toilet paper roll.
    2. Get about 5-8 socks.
    3. Rubberband, cologne. (not a must)

    It's basically the same concept, but this seriously works as good as a smoke buddy, if you take a HUGE rip, you'll see some vapor like smoke ooze out, but even then I was impressed. (Normal rips are completely smoke free, for me)

    First take one sock and put it over one end of the roll, and then stuff the loose end of that same sock inside the hole you just covered over.
    (so now there's a sock over it, and that same sock inside of it.)

    Secondly, spray some cologne on your other socks, and inside the sploof. (really doesn't have to be much, I have horrible allergies lol)

    Lastly, this part varies obviously, but I wrapped another sock over the hole, and then stuffed another sock inside the sploof, then wrapped another sock over the hole, and stuffed another sock inside where you blow into.
    (repeat until no more socks remain)

    I don't have a picture of mine at the moment, but yours should look 2 times as big as the toilet paper roll on the half of the side with all the socks around it. And mine honestly, looks like a giant sock with only about 1" of the actual toilet paper roll showing.

    Just felt like sharing this as I always thought the dryer sheets never did the job.

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