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Impossible to stay focused on school if you use marijuana? Accused.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. My mother and me Were having a conversation today on why she believes it's impossible to have good grades and succeed while smoking marijuana.

    Now me, I choose to be a weekend smoker, but she claims MJ makes you distracted in your schooling.

    Now with the up coming school year starting next week, I want to show her wrong. I am planning on finishing my schooling, with as good of grades as I can (at least A's and B's).

    Can I get some positive reinforcement from my fellow blades? Some fertilizer if you will? To help me grow and become successful.

    Any tips or life stories would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Just focus and work hard. Working hard is the only way you will succeed. you have to be committed and disciplined. But I know you can do it! You got it man. Just work hard!
  3. I think if you have problems in school it's you and the type of person you are...weed can greatly enhance it though. :) I smoked alot of weed in school...and ditched alot of classes to go get high...but it wasn't really to get high..I mean I like to smoke weed, but it was more like a social thing, hanging out with friends...and I also hated my teachers and they hated me lol..

    I think it boils down to your overall motivation in life...if your motivated like crazy, weed isn't going to hold you back.....yet if you're naturally lazy or w/e then weed is gonna enhance that 10x ...yet if you're creative, weed can enhance that 10x too.

    It's effects are different with everyone but don't let your mom fall victim to the BS propaganda stereotypes out there that all stoners are lazy...I smoke way more weed then my friends and I get hella shit done..I see them playing videogames all day and I just think 'wtf are they doing!? there so much to get done in life!!how do you always have time for games!?'

    mind-set, match.
  4. Don't let the weed take over your life. Make sure you control your weed and keep your shit together and you'll be fine bro.
  5. A month ago, I was so enthusiastic about school. Like ecstatic. Then I got caught and my family life suffered, now I'm not depressed but I'm just meh.
  6. It is perfectly possible to get a 4.0 and still smoke everyday
  7. yea just finish all your work before you blaze. homework is usually like 50% of your grade, so dont miss any
  8. smoking everyday may slow your ability to process new information or integrate unfamiliar concepts in school, but it will stop almost immediately if you decide to take a break. A lot of the negative social effects can be avoided by smoking (or better yet vaping) only after all the day's work is done. I'd also recommend waiting an hour or two between your last session and the time you go to sleep - I find my body gets better sleep that way.
  9. For me, it helped. Weed influenced me to figure out that one of the main causes of my poor school performance is my attitude towards school. I didn't feel like I needed to do anything. When I was in danger of staying back, I almost bombed the whole grade but after a few heavy thinking toking seshs I came to realize that school is much easier than my ADHD tricks me into thinking it is. Hell, it's designed so even retards can pass it, my IQ is fucking 141 and I'm far from retarded, a little naive maybe but not stupid.

    You see what I mean?
  10. BL you are my best freind on GC positive vibes to yah my brother. My mom is the exact same way. I havent been good at school but i'm gonna get good grades and then tell her i went to school high every day. Definately not impossible
  11. im an everyday smoker, and back when I wasn't puffing, I was getting C's and D's. Started smoking in 7th grade a little bit but everyday in 9th grade and from 9th grade on I had Bs and A's. And I got horrible ADD lol, don't let the propaganda win. It's very possible to keep smoking and do well in school. Just dont be stupid, I know I use to puff a tiny bit before school and after all the schoolwork was done, I would relax & blaze constantly. It didn't effect me too much in a negative way, thats for sure.
  12. It's bud, not heroin... I find that most people who "think" weed is affecting their grades are succumbing to somewhat of a placebo affect, i.e. the popular misconception that weed makes you dumber. Not true. I know it sounds simple, but just by not accepting that myth, my grades were fine.

    In fact, before I studied certain, more conceptual topics (behavioural finance, certain areas of economics), I found that having a session actually greatly helped, as it not only increased my interest in these topics, but also provided me with the ability to think about them more openly, which probably would have not been possible without my little "study aid".

    I just finished a double degree in Economics and Commerce, and smoked virtually every day of it!

    But most importantly, everyone reacts differently, so there is no one definitive answer on this topic.
  13. I barely graduated high school. I failed 2 classes my senior year, and got a D in two others. Hahaha
    I didn't smoke weed in high school, ever.
    Now in college I have a 3.56 GPA and I smoke all the time. :D
  14. i smoke weed all the time and maintain above average grades
  15. #16 BloodLust, Aug 8, 2011
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    EXACTLY. she looked me right in my face today and said "you CAN NOT smoke and do good in school. It just can't happen."

    So for now (a couple of weeks until my car is fixed) I am sober but then, I'm finishing up my schooling, and after I get my diploma I will go home that night and tell her how I smoked.

    Lol I am also not planning on getting caught again.

    You and Exodus2011 are definitely my best friends on GC as well!! Although lately I have seen you around more than him, he must be busy!

    I'm glad the online community is nice enough for us to have these relationships bro!:) *high five*

    I am always happy when I see you replied to me or one of my threads and always keep a look out for your posts! Positive vibes to ya man!
  16. It won't affect it unless you let it. I had a 3.9 g.p.a and got 2020 on the SAT all while I was smoking. If you just work hard you'll be fine.
  17. the only way to show ur mom ur right is if u backup what u say. i GUARANTEE that ur parents will leave u alone if u get A's nd B's. trust me, i was in ur position once :p
  18. #19 LittleToker, Aug 8, 2011
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    Alright here goes my reassurance: Last year was my first year living away at college. First semester I did ok and got a 3.01 gpa (I was having a hard time emotionally with the switch). Second semester comes and I'm basking in the glory of the new environment. I'd been smoking since I was 15, but it got heavy during this time. Smoked every single day, all day. I ended up with 4 A's and an A-, bringing my gpa UP to a 3.46. Tell your mom to stick THAT in a pipe and smoke it

    Edit: And this is at a university that's top 2% in the world and on level with the Ivy League schools. We invented the MRI. So if her response is "oh they probably go to some shit community college" (no offence to CCers, I've been to one, too) you can point this out to her
  19. I think it is possible to be a stoner and still get good grades. I say this because when I was in highschool I had good grades. Not a 4.0 but nothing below a 3.5. On top of that I was a varsity cheerleading co-captain and varsity soccer captain. I was Vice-President of National Honor Society, Key Club Secretary, A Big Sister, in the gifted and talented program, experiential educator and all around favorite with teachers and staff. You just have to prioritize because even though I did that I still lite up everyday at least once and was considered a stoner by many of my friends.

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