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Important thread please read.!

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Wizards, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Sony might ban the use of used games with their new console? What do you think of this blades? I think they just gave Microsoft an even easier way to weasel business away from them. Unless Microsoft does the same.
  2. What do you mean ban the use of used games? That doesn't make any sense
  3. Banning used games as in games that i bought used at the store?

    I herd used games is what is taking away business from game companys. Like instead of everyone buying new games, everyone waits for the used games and i think only the stores (Gamestop) make profit outta used games.
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  5. how are they going to know if its used or not?
  6. ^^^^^^^^^
  7. Forcing people to go digital and making money in the process.

    If this happens I wont purchase a system until there's a reliable hack to fix this
  8. So they'd be cutting out the middleman. Gamestop.

    Never liked them anyway. I usually get a game new a few months later for $20.00 anyway, so this doesn't affect me.:confused_2:

    I don't like the idea. But I'm still interested in purchasing their new console as long as it's worth it.
  9. yeah seen that after i posted lol, i dont think they will go through with it, they would loose alot of customers people would probably just buy the new xbox instead, yeah you have to pay to play online but at least it doesnt glitch out like fuck ( i own ps3 btw)
  10. Well that's fuckin' gay
  11. That's a fucking joke. $60 a game is bad enough, but at least you can flip them on Ebay if you want.

    I've owned all 3 Sony systems and will make the switch to Xbox if Sony goes all digital.

    And I agree that Gamestop sucks. You can buy most older games on Amazon, brand new, for what Gamestop charges for used.
  12. That's going to be tough when the first console breaks and somebody can't play any of their games on a new one...Unless they track it through PSN, but that would force Internet on people.

  13. That's a excellent point unless they offer replacements and clone the console Id somehow or something as consoles reliability hasn't exactly been the greatest to this day.

    I also think if they are going to go down that route will screw over rental companies such as blockbuster even further as there will be no option of rental for games to are unsure of. They should also consider lowering the price if ever consumer is forced to buy the product new as the sales will be far higher.
  14. i heard microsoft was doing the same with their planned xbox 720 or whatever but thats just what i heard, makes absolutely no sense to make your console play only freshly bought unopened games other than making more initial money, can charge whatever the fuck you want for the new cod if the console wont play it used... fucking rediculous, never plan to buy my own video games or console because of the lost productivity but i definitely wouldnt if this was the case
  15. If it's tracked only through an on disc chip (since they can't force people to always be online just yet) there might be a way to reset the chips and make a game "new" again.

    This just seems impossible to pull off effectively without a ton of problems and bad PR. What happens when someone returns a game and it gets resold as new (happens a fair bit. If you really check new games sometimes you'll be able to tell)?

    I think they're patenting this technology for down the road (when this wont even be a big deal because chances are games will largely be sold digitally). The next gen systems have been in development for a long time so I couldn't imagine they'd just now be patenting what would be a major change in their system.
  16. They fook it up for the people who buy the console and games, their legit customers.

    I got rid of my PS3 when they started taking users rights away ( the whole geohot saga). Now I don't use Sony at all, I use a PC where everything is free ;)

    I guess they have enough customers but they could have more.

    The hackers and pirates have more ethics than the greedy corporations :smoking:
  17. Fuck yes, piratebay is the bees knees
  18. Man, you're kind of scum. Buy games on Steam sales like a decent human being.
  19. i dont use pirated shit but ive heard that each download is different than the original and that the magnetic alignment of the file on your hard drive is totally seperate than the files on others hard drives, if thats true than your not really stealing anything your just taking a seperate file that happens to be similar when activated
    just my understanding of how it works, i dont really know too well though
  20. Look at this guy worrying what other people do with their money.

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