Important things with Dimitri Martin

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  1. i just watched this show...its fucking hilarious...anyone seen/like this show
  2. I saw the first episode. Didn't think it was that funny, though I guess it wasn't terrible either.
  3. i just watched the new episode. at first it was like what the fuck but then it got better
  4. it was alright.. better than stella when that first came out.. however not as good as reno or sarah silverman.. but he's an intelligent guy. im sure he will come up with some funny stuff
  5. i really think that the show will get funnier. the hilarious previews i saw werent in the episode i saw. i personally am a bigger fan of his stand up tho
  6. yeah hes one of my favorites
  7. The show is pretty funny but I have to say he's a lot funnier doing live standup, but I think that the show will get funnier as it goes on.
  8. honestly i thought it would suck when i saw the commercials, then when i watched the show it wasnt that bad. its not the greatest, but hes a pretty funny dude so its all gravy.
  9. I really like Demetri Martin. He's really funny. That being said, I think the show will crash and burn. I saw one episode, and it was okay. The joke parts were funny, and the sketches weren't.
  10. he's a funny guy but his show's kind of lacking. i'm sure it will get better though, really it's not bad but it's not great, yet.

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