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Important!!!!! Please does steak n shake drugtest?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cwitoker420, Sep 28, 2009.

  3. pllease help lol
  4. ur fucked man........use to work there they do..

 idea probly not though

  5. wow troll. dont use caps

    dont spam the page with a huge blank post. and

    how are we supposed to know. also places that usually drug test. would have a form or a place on the application that says you agree to drug tests and background tests.

    If you got a job because someone recommended you. you will find out after the interview. they will say go get a drug test and send me the results.
  6. hahaha
  7. call them and ask if they drug test? dont tell them your name....easy...maybe get a friend to call so they dont hear your voice? hmmmmmmmmmm
  8. No most bars and food joints do not drug test.
  9. I worked at a five star restaurant for two years.

    My guess is that they won't. And not only that, almost everyone in the food industry smokes as far as I've seen.

    And if you don't get the job, who gives a fuck? It's Steak n' shake.

    EDIT: On second thought, having the munchies when you work as Steak n' Shake would be great!
  10. hahah idle hands by far the best response, thanks guys.
  11. If they do, they have to tell you and if you already work there, the only way a company can drug test without discriminating is to use the social security number which is drawn by a computer randomly. But beware, your number could be picked at anytime. But the chance is based on the amount of employees in the company, not by store, but either a corporate or the franchise total employees. The application should have told you. But it also depends on the company. I worked in food all my life, HR, Supervisor with over 300 employees. The company I worked for allowed for some in your system just in case you went to a party and someone lite up. And you got second smoke which can show up or you live with someone that does, that does mean that you should be punished but the amount was very little and the amount allowed us to know this was not a user just had been somewhere it was. But if they do and you do, you can't bank on your number never popping up. The longer you are there, the bigger the chance you will hit one day. Hope this helps.
  12. Yes they do! Bojangles, Taco Bell, Burger King, it all goes back to the state law. Like NC is a drug free work place. All places in NC are drug free so if they do not do drug test they will test you if you get hurt on the job and you refuse the will fire you. It is real. But they have to do it by computer randomly the computer will spit out your social security number. However, some companies choose to only do it when you report an accident and once you do report it, you are screwed you can't take back what you report and they will require a drug test or if their policy states a manager or supervisor thinks that you are high or smells alcohol, they can put you in a cab and send you to the lad right there and then. If you refuse you loose, they fire you.
  13. No

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  14. ? I new to this, what is the no for?

  15. I'm sure this advice is really helping 7 years later
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  16. Thanks Dr. whoever....I am new on here, trying to see or feel my way around and instead of a smart a reply why don't you help us neebies since you know so much. Honestly help would be nice. So what, I made a comment 7 years too late, why the hell would it still be out there as if it is new, well to a neebie it looks like it, don't be rude! So when you first got on I guess you had no problem? Well, I am soooo happy for you. I mean, why don't we just call me out to the whole site? It does not bother me, I did not see the date, but thanks I WILL look from now on since I do not want to give any comments on old stuff but what I said may help someone now!!!!

  17. I didn't know you were going to be such a butt hurt baby over me telling you your post is useless. And no this post didn't pop up as a new one since you were the first to post in 7 years.
  18. I am not a hurt baby! It looked new to me. Did you not read the post I sent? I did ask for help. Could you not tell. And even if I was late, someone might find my info. good because it is recent info. So if you want to help out a person on here, think before you speak, your reply sounded like you were schooling me, all you had to say was hey neebie, look at the dates before you reply. I thought this was a place to find help and give advice, if I have any, I will, if I need any and that is why I was here, I will ask. My main goal was to learn about CBD but I found some people had some concerns about something I knew about. OOPpppsss I made the mistake by not looking at the date. I bet I am not the first and not the last. Help a person, I am 50 years old, been around awhile, I can tell you that I thought this was a cool place as this type of thing was not around in the 80's. Why did you read it if it was so old. Did not look at the date?
  19. Lmao. It is a very long interview process.

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  20. yeah, it is wrong with this world, a date is date, even if it was tooooooooooo late. Just to ask since you have been here a while, how do you see all of the post? I mean, I do not think you were on that post but how did you see my reply to the other guy so fast, just looking for some info on how to move around in here and catch all the latest stuff. I am not afraid to ask, it only shows I want to learn how to use this site that I stepped in by chance which actually helped me on day one. You can answer if you want. I just want to know how everyone sees all the responses to things so fast? Thanks

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