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  1. I used to work for General Hydroponics but quit as General Hydroponics has capitulated to the DEA by letting them into the manufacturing facility such that the DEA could place a tracing element into the Grow Micro and Bloom, in their fulvic acid and new kabloom. I am no expert in these matters but understand that it is a radioactive isotope that can be found via the DEA's satellite enabling them to pinpoint indoor grow-ops.

    It works like this: as the plant grows and uses General Hydroponics' solutions, the trace element builds up in the plant and, not only does it substantially reduce the potency and yield of the crop, after 3-4 weeks the levels of the trace element are concentrated enough to allow the DEA to pinpoint the crop via satellite.

    I have no idea what exactly the compound is as they refused to enlighten any of the staff at General Hydroponics, however, there are always a number of DEA agents hanging around the facility, especially with our chemist and the room with the mixing tanks. Although I was not allowed into this area, I walked past often enough to observe that their mixing process had to be very precise. One night after work, the chemist mentioned in passing that the “stuff” was very expensive and was stored in a safe that only the DEA had the keys to - when I pressed him for further information he became uncharacteristically quite on the topic.

    All of this happened a couple of months ago and has made me totally sick to my stomach to see General Hydroponics capitulate to government agents and allow Big Brother to invade yet another part of our lives. Please do not take this warning lightly as it is a most serious issue.


    A former employee of General Hydroponics
  2. well, either your just some ass fooling around, a disgruntled ex worker,or telling the truth...either way thanks for the info, ill be sure to stay away from those products atleast for a while
  3. The only reason I am leaving this thread open,,is for entertainment purposes.....

    C'mon guys think about it......

  4. yeah it sounds like BS to me.. common everyone uses GH or Flora, and if yield and potency were diminished.. there would be riots across all the weed boards.. anyways, I use a (cheap) GH knockoff ;)
  5. So in theory if I smoke it, those Iotopes come also in my body, which can come in handy, that way I'm also tracable by satellite (and my piss is radioactive) , makes a GPS system absolute, now all we need is to get access to that satelite ;-)

    Superjoint out
  6. This sounds pretty BS to me. I think most hydroponic products are made, developed, and sold to hydroponic vegetable and fruit operations. Not weed. Israel gets most of their domestic fruits and vegatables from hydroponic grow operations. And I suspect itsd the same way in other countries where arable land is at a minimum. I don't believe that the FDA would allow another agency to add material that would wind up in food stock.

    The DEA would still need a warrant to bust an indoor operations, so they would have to detail this plan to a judge about their mysterious spy satellite that can trace these small amounts of isotopes. Pretty far fetching considering we have had every policeman, soldier, sailor, satellite, drone, robot, cowboy, meter maid, postman, etc trying to find Osama Bin Laden and we still haven't caught him yet.

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