**Important**Are kids going out and picking shrooms**

Discussion in 'General' started by lazyman114, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I was so high at the time and I was responding to the thread


    I didn't realize, when reading this thread, that kids were eating random mushrooms found in the wild, hoping they were shrooms.

    Is this true or are there people that go out there and pick random mushrooms from the wild.

    BTW: When i replied to that thread I was just repeating something my mom told me when I was little.
  2. uhhh?

    small kids eat mushrooms in the wilderness because they've heard they are eatable mebe
    but they are poisonous
  3. Yeah that thread has Darwin Award written all over it. The differences between tasty shroom and deadly shroom can be very, very subtle.
  4. I know that Liberty Caps grow where I live (Vancouver Island), and that they're characterized by the clear gel cap and small skinny stem.

    Other than that I'm pretty sure the kids are just poisoning themselves.
  5. Well what do you expect. Some people will do anything to get high.

    I really can't believe how uncommon common sense seems to be. What ever happened to "dontcha put it in your mouth... Unless you ask someone ya' know"

    Anyways, mushroom hunting should be left to the hobbyists.
  6. Lol i just looked up Darwin award and I lawled.

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