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  1. hey guys im lookiin to buy a vaporizor and preferably under 300 bucks i heard the vapir vaporizors are good , i know that volcano is like the best but its too expensive for me, so what do you guys recommend , thanks
  2. The best vaporizers under 100 dollars would have to be the VaporGenies. Under two hundred dollars would have to be the Da Buddha and Purple Days. Over three hundred would be the volcano. But really, you dont need to go over two hundred :rolleyes:
  4. Deff go with the vaporbros. Amazing quality for about 2-100 bucks.
  5. I bought the extreme vaporizer for 250 before taxes. And honestly it kicks my ass every night of the week.
  6. I too would reccomend the vapor bros, got mine like legal eyes.
  7. thanks guys im lookin at the vaporbros now
  8. Silver Surfer without a doubt. I've had my SSV for a few weeks now and love it. SSV FTW
  9. I've only hit the vapor brothers and well it does its job. Efficiently too i might add
  10. Vapor Brothers all the way.

    The ceramic heating element gets hot fast, and and is very efficient.

    The dial is simple and easy to use, i set mine to around 12 oclock, and get 10-20 hits off it, then i can either turn it up to 1 oclock and get 5-8 more, or save it.

    I use mine with a Glass on Glass adapter for mu 14.5mm GonG tube, and it hits soo smooth.
  11. Also check craigslist... there are always listings for bearly used vaporizers that are about half off the actual retail price
  12. If you've used both the vaporbrothers and the da buddha, then you would go for the latter. Vaporbrothers' air intake is underneath the device, so your sucking whatever dust is on the table or floor. The da buddha doesnt have this issue since its in the glass tube in the middle of the aluminum shell. The vaporbros is made out of wood, whereas the da buddha is made out of a strong aluminum shell. Also, the ceramic heater on the da buddha has a gong fitting, and the glass tubing is set at 90 degrees so that your herb inside the whip doesnt fall out of it. The vaporbrothers is a joke since its at an angle where herb may fall into the heating unit. Just imagine vaporizing kief in that unit, haha.
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    ^^what i do is find a book or two and put that underneath the back on of my vaporbros so that the heating element is almost at a 90 degree angle. As long as you wipe off the surface you are vaporizing on, you should not be sucking in much dust.
    edit: between da buddha and vaporbros, i think it is just personal preference. It depends on what you want: a wood box or a metal cylinder.

  14. But why have to go to those fixes for the design flaws of one vape, when you can get another vape that doesn't have those flaws to begin with?
  15. I would recommend da buddha, i have one and i love it. i was choosing between the vaporbros and da buddha and it came down to me not wanting to spend 10 mins each time i change the screen, and also i didnt want any herb to fall out when vaporizing. SO if those two things are important to you too than go with da buddha
  16. I have a vaporizer similar to the vaporbrothers and turning it upside down puts the heater at the correct angle and stops you from sucking dust but Ive heard da buddah is still the way to go and it's what I'll buy next
  17. personally i love bag-style vapes... i have the herbalaire and it's amazing. a few months after i got it the extreme came out which looks even better. i'd recommend one of those two (probably extreme.... it has a remote control!) :p

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