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  1. im an Organic nube with lotsa questions any input is much appreciated:) Im planning on using Blue Mountain ferts and am still learning what i can about organic imo gardening.Will all of the beneficial bacterial cultures and micro organisms i need be provided in the BMO line ferts or will i need to augment somthing more 2 my medium or solution?Also I dnt kno whether to use a soiless medium like promix or a good soil mix?I plan on using smart pots indoors in a closet grow.Also could u recomend a good light setup/size for a grow my size i wana get the biggest plants i can in a regular non walkin closet.thnxx in advance fireee
  2. All of your beneficial organisms are going to come from things that have been amended into the soil like composts, worm castings and/or guanos. There are a few microbes in a liquid nutrients but your plants will benefit more from rich composts that have been well amended into your soil mix. It's not difficult to mix your own. Just do your research, read around the forum, read the stickies. If you can't find what you're looking for post a question. We're all about getting people turned on to organics here.:D

    You might could post your lighting question in General indoor growing. I'm also workin' in a non walk-in closet. Check out my grow thread if you're curious. Peace!
  3. so a soil mix containing composts,castings,guanos etc. plus the organic ferts would provide all the beneficial microbes or is there nething else u must do?
  4. That and add perlite to hold air and help drainage and some minerals and that's a decent soil mix.

    As far as introducing microbial life into your mix, you could also brew an Actively Aerated Compost Tea, to apply to your soil and plants. Basically the tea increases the amount of beneficial aerobic microbes in the soil. It is filled with life, Literally.

    Read through this thread and others in the forum about soils / soilless mixes.



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