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Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. yey

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  2. lol, someday i will have infinite net time and i will post like a fool and be #1 in the 24 hours postage :)

    what a great life ambition :D

  3. "A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it."

    lol, knocked me right outta there!

  4. my annoying ass was # 5.......yay for me....
  5. wow, i never saw that thing ever before??

    im doin good, soon ill take number 2, then 1, and then.... THE WORLD!!!

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    9 sensimil
    10 Namynam

    tooo late.... * inserts evil laugh*

    edit: at 2:30 am....
  7. yay!! i'm on there and i had no idea!! what a nifty surprise...

    what does one do to take over the world after they hit #1? enter politics?
  8. no no no...

    to take over the world, you have to first use your #1 status to prove you have integrity and popularity. then us this information to show your interest in leading the cause to fight global warming.

    as soon as thats set you can get funding to pay for your project, which is to take enourmous amounts of dry ice and throw it all into the ocean.... but thats just a front.

    the dry ice will really be used to produce a freakishly scary zombie coming out of the fog effect at the UN.

    then when the scary zombies come out(me and my followers, you know who you are), they will take over the UN, and grant all the super powers of the world to me, and put me in charge.

    then its just a matter of time before the other countries of the planet fall into my iron fist.

    and then i will rule you all, and the pot will be legal, and everyone will be happy (except for all the leaders of the world, who would then be unemployed)
  9. well, its as inevidable as the tides....

    im too drunk to put a link up to wherever it shows the stats, but im number one now.... and my artificial zombie army is growing by the minute...
  10. ohh hell... have fun leading then.... thats to much work for me...... i just like to
  11. I used to be way up at number 1 all the time. I was number 1 for the last 30 days for a while, too before I came home from school.

  12. Yeah, me too....but then I got lazy :(

    I still read everything, but I don't post nearly as much as I used to

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