Immortal Technique

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  1. If you're not down with immortal, you're not down period. One of the best lyricists on this planet. I've been listening to him alot lately, anyone else like him? His political raps are intense, but right on point.
  2. Varied subject matter = does not compute.

    IT = wack.
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    Exactly what I wrote. Revolutionary vol.2 is a 7/10-esque album but come on... that's not a solid piece of art, it's a distraction.

    Listen to more indie hip-hop, I'll help you, just send me a PM.
  4. I listen to all types of hip hop, just saying he's one of the best political rappers.
  5. I went through a big immortal technique phase
    he is really good and is really smart but after a while he gets really old
    i still like him and have rev. volume 1 and 2 and 3rd world on my itunes
    i got rid of all him mixtapes and shiz because they get repetitive or just lame rapping about how great he is... when he isnt that great

    but I got mad respect for him

    plus maybe it was when I got out of my government conspiracy phase... it just got exhaustive lol
    i used to be the biggest truther, zeitgeist and everything
    but the blame game leads to nothing

    [rasta]because when ya reach the end, only god can judge us. one love[/rasta]
  6. My thoughts exactly.

    Technique is all around solid, but he's basically just an above average artist.
  7. word +rep
  8. Right on point? I have to disagree. He's a racist, violent extremist. I believe the world would be in better hands if Saddam Hussein had his way over Immortal Technique. At least Saddam was cool and collected while he spread his psychotic hatred for humanity and called for the downfall of Western civilization. Immortal Technique is just obnoxious, and he admits it.

  9. I see what you're saying. I think he comes out so obnoxious and gritty in his rhymes, because that's how the world really is and he captures that emotion well. He switches it up alot, with songs like leaving the past, and others. Any rapper on a quest for truth about out whole fucked up monetary system that still comes with great lyrics gets my respect though.
  10. Immortal Technique is one of the best rappers out right now. He gives hope to this era of rap/hip hop

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