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  1. Three immigrants are crossing the boarder. They get across and a short time later they see INF(not sure....u know the immigration department) coming. They look around and one guy sees a potato farm. He says, "Lets hide in those potato bags by the barn." So the three immigrants go to the bags, dump out the potatoes around the corner and get in the bags. A couple minutes later the INF comes up to the potato farm looking for hiding immigrants. He sees the three potato bags and walks up to the first one, kicks it and hears, "meow." So he says, "It must be a bag of kittens." He walks up to the second bag, kicks it and hears, "meow." So he says, "must be another bag of kittens." He walks up to the third bag, kicks it and hears, "potatoes."
  2. LMAO and way to keep the laugh "politically correct" I worked with alot of migrant Mexican farmlaborers (HARD workers!) and every once in awhile these green trucks with I.N.S. & Border Patrol logos would pull into the orchards yelling "La Migra" and the illegals would scatter!! .......Soooooorryy ...Us do ramble on when Blazed!! :smoke:
  3. Hey dog you have some funny shit....tell the one about the white guy who said he would lick a girls!!!!!!
    peace, JOINT
  4. AHHHHHH LMAFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wussup my nicca!!!!!! ahhh lol ol oasdjfkljasdhfkjlaghsdf u finally found me......i would do something but my cat is punching me for not petting her :rolleyes:
  5. That be funny.



  6. that WAS funny. it's a tru story....this is my friend joint (who i've mentioned in a few stories i believe) and we were talkin on three-way with our friend. He was sayin how he'd lick cooch an stuff so we were makin fun of him kinda...then i said what if a girl wanted u to lick her ass (jokingly).....and he said, "if she wants it i will" so then we just started laughin at him a lot and started calling him pootounge (his previous nickname was gynie...cause he's a lil pussy)

  7. Why were you making fun of him?
  8. in my book lickin cooch is pretty high on the list of nasty things i dont wanna try...and joint (amoung severl other of my friends) feel the same way...

    no sure your keep yours clean and stuff(luv to find out) but i dont like tounge kissin cats...

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