IMF Approves New Credit Line to Bail out Europe, US on the hook for bill

Discussion in 'Politics' started by xmaspoo, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. UPDATE: IMF Approves New Credit Line That Could Be Used In Europe -


    And you thought the U.S. wouldn't get dragged into the Eurozone debacle? Guess again, 17% of IMF funding comes from the U.S.

    Tis the season, more bailouts for the bankers at the expense of the taxpayer. :wave:

  2. This sounds like a good plan.

  3. :laughing:
  4. i know what could really get things going in the economy, how about we borrow billions more from foreign country's and give it to other foreign countries, yeah that should do it!
  5. Next time I go to the bank I'm going to ask for 3 new credit cards, b/c I'm trying to stimulate my local economy :rolleyes:
  6. Europe struggles with rescue fund, may turn to IMF - Yahoo! Finance

  7. Euro Nations Renew Talk of IMF Role - Bloomberg
  8. How will increasing the credit limit of a nation help alleviate its debt?
  9. If were going to bail out europe, I want my own European! I say every american gets one European of their choice as sort of a house pet.

    (yes i'm pretty stoned) But its stilll an awesome idea!
  10. Same old shit. The world wants to keep printing money, no surprises ever come from the Fed, ECB, IMF, etc.
  11. It's ok, we are in just as bad of shape as the eurozone.

    We should fix our own messes separately, and without EU selected technocrat heads of state never voted into office.
  12. Good idea. Good luck to you. ;)
  13. Will you give me food and weed? I'd just chill on your couch like a cat.
  14. Dam xmaspoo how do you sleep at night with all this knowledge of finance and politics. It infuriates me to no end. And I'm not as knowledgeable as you. and you just seem to be on top of every headline and on the front lines of many Ron paul "debates". Thanks man your the best source of news I got! +rep
  15. You just gotta appreciate what you have and realize that there will always be trouble in the world that is beyond your control. Don't consider yourself to be in a bad situation when you have food, water and shelter because you could have just as easily been born in Somalia.
  16. Hey don't make fun of Somalia!

    Don't make me to get Somalia back into shape and round kick your face.
  17. Everyone has their hobbies. Most everyone can see that our world is corrupt and doesn't serve the interest of the majority, yet very few understand the inner workings. Understanding the who what where when how and why is what makes me tick. :smoke:
  18. I really want to go back in time and show this situation to everyone saying "there is no good reason for Britain to not adopt the euro."
  19. lol'd. :D

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