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Imdankster's Stash Jar *Updated*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Imadankster, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Imdanksters Stash Jar!!:wave: *Updated*

    I live in California, I'm over 18, I love to smoke Herb, and Smoke it allot, Always Bong it! :bongin:

    Around my area there are many Collectives , My Local Collectives are Desert Organic Solutions, Oak Tree Clinic, Desert Care Solutions, Smoke De'Pot, ect. They all rep on Weedmaps :smoke::wave:

    Some Recent Pickups from the Past(3 months to now):
    Tootie Frootie
    OG Kush **different Batches**
    Master Kush
    Lemon Diesel
    Skywalker OG **Different Batches**
    [​IMG], [​IMG]
    Purple Trainwreck **Different Batches**
    [​IMG], [​IMG]
    Sweet God
    Humboldt OG
    Master Bubba kush
    OG Bubba Kush
    Mr. Nice Guy

    Of-course I've smoked other buds, but they didn't make it long enough to take pictures. I recently Picked up some Strawberry Cough, and White Rhino but I did not take any pictures(Had to Pack it All). Frosty icky sticky though.
  2. Recent Pickup
    Honeycomb Purps

    Another Batch
    Purple Train-wreck
  3. nice frosty nugs brother!!

    enjoy the smoke and the community.
  4. Bumpin the frost!
  5. #5 Imadankster, Aug 7, 2011
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    Black Russian x Purple Velvet (Real genetics, collective name-tag)
    Lemon OG
    Banana OG


    I took a nug from each, saved it, threw it in the jack jar and cut it up in salad and have it stored wreeking. About 1.2 all together cut up pretty good with my blade, better then most grinders.

    Is there enough dank yet? Wheres the GC Crowd :)
  6. everything looks nice man.

    and i have to ask man does everyone in cali have a card?it seems like everytime i see someone from California on here they have a card.
  7. I've had headband before
  8. Not everyone, but Allot of people know at least 1 person with a card and the percentage with cards over 18-21 is about 50% 1/2 people around are actually card legal in most area's.

    In some area's I could imagine San Francisco have some area's where everybody is a patient around the block :D

    Yeh the headband got me baked of my ass every time.

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