images maybe?

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  1. still trying!

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  2. holely shit!lol
  3. rules!

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  4. Holy shit indeed. =)

  5. ick why dose it keep tell me my pic are to big have the plants got to be smaller or what!lol
  6. What are you trying to say? That doesn't even make sense.
  7. You figured it make the images a little smaller,,,it should be ok then...

  8. i am trying dude but she aint haveing it ! ive had that stone 22 years!
  9. Looks like you're starting to get the hang of it! When I get set up I'll get your advice on posting pics....ya ought to be a pro by then!!
  10. smaller image ,i hope!

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  11. That's better......lookin good....

  12. yes she is! she's a g13xhp ,polyploid ,or 3 leaf! and she came with a collectors card ! lol it also shows prove of strain! i guess you still get what you pay for sensi seeds from sd all the beans good but one ! all plants were from 80% and high ! i give the g13xhp a 5***** star rateing ! the 3leaf has 1/3 more clones and thc and growth pre plant! she's bad ass dude ! a great starter plant .she has 9 prime clones and looks like she well have 14 all togather i know wow! good luck tazz11

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  13. heres a bog bubble thats look like she in a race dude ! with her sisters ! real sweet smelling plant, i hope her weeds as good as they say!

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  14. Nice leaf texture there....the racers she win!!!

  15. iam not sure yet ! we had a big talk about the 3 leaf on the edge is called a trifloiate and their is ? if it is a real polypolid or not ,it would be hard to tell from what i found out about them ! she' looking great but the bog has a great smell dude its a two level upper is the sweet refind smell when you frist come up on it ,the secound is a breader smell of her past smoth and many over tones ! realy a freash smell!maybe the best yet!
  16. new glass!

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  17. she's doing fine here she is at 50 days !trifoliates female no longer hermie at all !and flowering great!

    I think I seen it in the other post.....loookin good...

  19. dam man made shit if it dont grow in the dirt it sucks !lol

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