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I'm wearing 3D glasses...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. This is cool. Some of the avatars look crazy through these glasses.

    Who knows of any 3D websites?
  2. 3D glasses and being stoned........ That has to be great!!
  3. hmmm...what does cottons, nubbin, n woody's avatars look like 3d?

  4. look at mine while you can... its gonna change.

    i dont think anyone has noticed but.....
    its animated!!!!!

    anways, in a few minutes i'll be scrapping the animated one for a 3dified version just for rumjil and her glesses! :D

  5. Yeah its animated, every few minutes your hand comes up and picks your nose. :D
  6. It did something but I have no clue what cause it won't do it again.
  7. I just reached for my pipe and it's all trippy looking. It has a clay coating and it looks like I could put my fingers straight through it...there's also a mushroom joint snuffer in the ashtray and it looks pretty cool too. I dig these glasses.

  8. hahahaha! yeah, near enough. something like that.

    snot drips into my mouth then about a minute or so later i let out a burp bubble.

    anyways .. its gone now..

    rumjil... tell me what you think of my new av. does it do crazy shit in 3d? i couldnt test it out. by i know the principals behind it, so,... just did some really unusal effects. hope it works.
  9. Son of a bitch...lost my whole post.

    How long am I supposed to look at it before it does something? I saw this lizard thing but I think that was mostly in my mind.
  10. nah, its not animated anymore. i was just hoping it might look cool in 3d. oh well. i guess its nothing spectacular then. it musta lost its brialliance when i shrunk it.

    how about that? does it work better?

    Attached Files:

  11. Mmmmmm....yes, Digit...that's the way I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. omg ima try that one day! i bet its trippy!

  13. sheesh...if thats the effect being 3D has on women..sign me up. ;)
  14. I dunno why I always thought digit's avatar had a sherlock type pipe hanging out the side of his mouth. But eh it's a collar, huh..
  15. did you get them from McDonalds? I work there and steal them things all the time!!! there so much fun to wear when talking to customers, it kinda messes up your depth perception though, and i fall a lot :D, but being stoned prolly has somthing to do with that... ha
  16. haha

    digit... that was a snot bubble coming out of your nose...

    i thought it was supposed to be french inhaling
  17. Cows sig kicks ass. WOW!

    Hey, I think they are like superstrong cause there's an S on the front of them.
  18. you went to see spykids3d didnt you rmjl??
  19. i borrowed my daughters 3d glasses, cooooool....
  20. bastards, no 3d glasses here, its never going to be the same :(

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