I'm voting Hermain Cain in 2012

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by purple grapes, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. lol. Socialism is probably better than the system we have now.
  2. ron paul 2012. sure herman is making alot of promises but who dosent when there running for anything in this country

  3. Really I'm a troll? I've been posting steadily on this site for a while.

    I post almost every day.... I say something you disagree with I'm a troll.

    Look through my old posts and see for yourself hahaha
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  5. Gary Johnson is a better candidate. Cain will change nothing. He is another candidate promising things he won't change or try to change. Also, if he is has sexual assaulted 3-4 women, why would you ever vote for such a man? Especially with him being a Christian. Sorry but those settlements ruined any chance of him getting elected.

    Have you looked at Johnson's fair tax plan? Do you know anything about him and his record as Governor?

  6. Johnson is awesome, he makes sense and COULD get the progressive vote if the Cons would get behind him, I'm left right whatever I like guns, I like hunting, I like weed, I'm pro choice, pro equality and human rights, A lot about me is socialist but i understand the need to be fiscally conservative... That said, every day I turn on the news, I lose a part of what i believe in. This country. Everyday I see more and more that just dejects me, I'm at a loss and almost in tears sometimes. Its so frustrating man.
  7. couldn't agree more.

  8. I'm talking about the 2012 election, as in Republican vs Democrat. I wish the system aloud for a better variety of candidates; however, if my choices were Cain vs Obama I would vote for Cain. Really though because I am in California, my vote doesn't mean anything because it will take a huge event for California to not vote for Obama.

    I'm a little bit surprised at the reaction to his endorsement and my thread.

    I understand he could still be lying to get votes. Any candidate can though do this though and you have to vote for someone. How do we know to trust?

    I like Gary Johnson and would love to vote for him if he got the nomination. Hermain Cain has a better chance than Johnson and sadly Paul. I really hope I'm wrong on this.

  9. Sadly he won't get the nomination

  10. Sadly he won't get the nomination in 2012.

    Paul has a much better chance of getting elected.

    I'm talking about the 2012 election.
  11. I'm a socialist, and honestly i'm not happy with the way Obama is handling everything, but I'm even less pleased with the GOP candidates.

    I hope Ron Paul wins the GOP, because then I know either Obama has 4 years to recover and maybe he won't let me down, or I could be blazin up legally if paul wins.
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    [quote name='"purple grapes"']

    Sadly he won't get the nomination in 2012.

    Paul has a much better chance of getting elected.

    I'm talking about the 2012 election.[/quote]

    If you like Ron Paul better, than do something to help get the word out.

    Why settle? If you actually take the time to research, you would see that Dr. Paul is steadily gaining support. Especially among College students.

    Cain is my 2nd choice. I do not believe the allegations against him, but Liberal media accomplished their goal.

    Just because you don't see the poll numbers supporting Ron Paul doesn't mean he doesn't stand a chance.
    Who do the pollsters call? They call the people they are confident will give them the answer they need to support their biased opinions.

    The RNC is afraid of Ron Paul.
    Liberal media is afraid of Ron Paul.
    FoxNews is afraid of Ron Paul.
    Because he represents ACTUAL change.

    Cain is a good man, and a good candidate, BUT, the allegations, true or not, have taken him out of the race.

    Puff Puff Pass

  13. I wear my Ron Paul t-shirt in public spaces

    I'm going to volunteer for his campaign.

    I want him to be voted, I just don't know if he will get the nomination. I would love to be wrong.
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    If you truly support Ron Paul and all that he stands for, then I simply do not understand how you could possibly support Herman Cain. Ron Paul would never lie to get a vote. Ron Paul would never sexually assault a woman. Ron Paul isn't going to perpetuate the corrupt political machine.

    My vote is for Ron Paul or for nobody at all. That may sound foolish/selfish, but I can not and will not vote for any candidate that doesn't stand for what I believe in. I will vote for my local elections, but I will not contribute to the election of another political figurehead that will help lead this country into the ground. I simply refuse.

    Oh, and because I think a majority of the people on this website will get a laugh out of this, I'll post this interview of Herman Cain on Libya.

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    I have done some more research into Mr Cain. And here is my final thought on the matter.
    In an earlier post, i stated that he was my Second choice. Well. Now he is my last choice.
    I cannot in good conscience vote for anyone but Ron Paul.

    When you look at all the candidates………………

    Well i had a real thought provoking addition, but i just lost a lung from my most recent bong hit. And my mind has become a blank. Is it a coincidence that i am smoking Brainstorm?
    I think not.
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    Don't like the libya thing..... but you can't expect every candidate to remember everything

    Obama vs Cain, who do you want?

    Gary Johnson is on red eye now. He's really good.
  17. Dude Purple Grapes you gotta be kidding. You watch MSNBC, CNN, Fox, blah blah, if you are taking what they say seriously that is your problem right there. Apparently they have you and maybe half the country thinking this guy is a viable candidate. You are telling me Herman Cain belongs up there on stage, vying for the Republican nomination? You are saying that across this great country, 300+ million people, this guy is one of the best and brightest, and should be in the running for the president the United States. I don't know who is handling this guy, but this is a joke. You saw the Libya interview right? He barely had the slightest clue, and that was with a little coaching from the reporter. He is right there with Rick Perry, Michele Bachman, and Rick Santorum. I'm starting to think these folks are being kept around to keep attention away from Ron Paul, make sure the whole national debate remains at the slow pitch softball level. If they give him more than 90 seconds of air time, and old Ron Paul gets up there and starts talking about ending these seemingly "endless wars", the people might just listen. A bunch of idiots might lower their beers long enough to say, "Yeah, what's the deal with that, we're always fighting somewhere." Let's start that conversation, and tell Fox News and all these faux candidates to go fuck off.

  18. Sorry but he settled with one of the women which in my eyes shows guiltiness. If a woman claimed I sexually harassed her and I didn't, I would fight it all the way, period. Also its not just one woman who complained which speaks louder.

    As for Gary Johnson not getting a nomination or the recognition, its bullshit. Its thinking like that they is pushing him further down. He is the better candidate in my eyes of all who are running, not just gop. His track record as governor alone screams to me and I just can't let that go because aside from legalization, his views on spending is what this country needs. Ron Paul is a nice back up but he is old. I think Ron Paul supporters are people that are settling for him because they all feel like Gary can't pull it. I disagree, if people stop thinking like that and show your support, people will follow.
  19. I don't trust Herman Cain, and (now) outside of his position on cannabis, I don't have a clue what he's about except for the 999 tax idea. Until I see him on the idiot box with his lips wrapped around a milky bong, I'm not buying it.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  20. if you vote for anyone but paul you can thank yourself for the possible destruction of the states

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