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  1. indoor growing is to create the outdoors indoor. if i was to veg for two months but followed an irregular light schedule of long days and longer days but never had a 12 hr night in the entire eight week cycle, what would happen? what if the seeds were fem seeds? what if gave her eight hour nights during the weeks but gave her 4 hr nights thru the weekends? im not saying outdoors is that irregular, but why follow the exactness of a timer for, again, for a hypothetical, eight week veg? i guess im trying to find out how f'd up they would be if they were to be f'd up at all?
  2. With Feminised seeds I don't know that they would actually turn hermephrodite because of any light stresses..probly not, but in which case you would just end up with seeds in your flowers.. Otherwise.. While we are speaking of simulating the outdoors.. the only other problem is that your light cycle that is shorter nights on the weekends and longer ones during the week sortof simulated summers short nights and falls longer ones... in other words.. some strains may flower doing nights like that.. A timer avoids light cycle changes because they are stressful to the indoor environment.. REmember WE're trying to simulate outdoors.. :)
  3. long during the week and short on the weekend doesn't imitate nature. I don't get what you mean.

    Femmed seeds can go hermie (and are, arguably, more likely to) from light stress.

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