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I'm turning 20 tomorrow...

Discussion in 'General' started by KannaMan, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. ... and I am not excited. Not at all. Not even in the same way as it being just another day, I'm slightly dreading it.

    There's a big perception shift when you're 20. No more 'teens. You're -really- seen as an adult, time to grow up and act like one. Maybe it's the responsibility that worries me. I have to find a job and have really never held one before. I'm going to be working full time too. I'm stuck in a filthy apartment and my roommates are stupid, plus all of our friends chill here ALL the damn time and just generally dirty the place without cleaning anything. I'm pretty fucking broke right now and it sucks when you can't leave your apartment right now because you have no gas.

    I don't know. I feel like I've gone no where in these past 2 years, and turning 20 kinda wakes me up. I'm not getting any younger, for real. It's scary.
  2. I feel you man, I would suggest trying to land a decent job ! When the checks start rolling in you should feel better .
  3. Eh, I can empathize... but age is just a number :cool:
  4. I turn 20 in august.

    Just keep being yourself man.
  5. Dude calm down, 20 is the same shit as being 19 except you aren't a "teen" anymore. I freaked out too and got over it. Just have a good time, you're still a kid. Land a better paying job and find better roommates? Idk.
  6. Think about it, 1 more year and your 21. :)

  7. ^^ exactly this

    & the only part thats scaring you is the fact that you have nothing going on for you right now, look into a couple of jobs save some money etc, & just tell your friends to find their OWN home's and focus on you and not all on a good time.
  8. I haven't really cared about my birthdays ever since I turned 16. I'll be 20 in march and its 'just another day' to me.
  9. Appreciate the replies guys, definitely makes me feel better. I'm actually pretty excited to get my own money rather than living off my mom.
  10. i know how you feel man... on my 19th birthday i woke up... sat there for a second and was like "damn, im 19... im a whole year closer to dying. now im already gonna be 20 in a little over 2 weeks and i feel the same way... like you said, im not getting any younger...

  11. Wow, morbid much!?

  12. Royksopp did you know that one day you're going to die? ;)
  13. No :( this is news to me.
  14. Least you're not about to turn 26 :/

  15. Shit maybe by the time we're really old they'll have discovered immortality or something. Science for the win!
  16. You know what they say about 26?
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    You're only 20, your still a kid. You still have a long ways to go yet though. I would consider 25 as an adult. There's a mentality change in between 18-21. Then the next one is 21-25.

    Yes, the older you get the more responsibilities you inherit. That's life though man and part of becoming an adult. You have no choice.

    Your getting to that stage where your starting to realize things and think differently. You think about things you've never thought of in your life. I went through it, everyone has. I've just started thinking about kids for some reason and I sure as shit wasn't thinking like this 1-2 years ago.

    Don't think you've wasted the last two years. At least your realizing this at 20. Some people don't get it till 25-30 or they just don't get it at all. If your 25 sitting around just smoking weed and chilling and $20 is alot of money for you, then I would start worrying. Shit, I work fulltime, go to school full time, grow (my hobby) and I still don't think I'm doing enough. I've realized that I'll never totally be satisfied with what I do. Don't know if anyone is the same.

    To sum it all up, your 20. Have fun! You're still a kid and have plenty of time to get your shit together. You have nothing to worry about. Yes, getting old is kinda scary but you get over that sooner or later. Just make sure you try your hardest and get your shit done.

    Good luck with your money situation. I've had similar problems in the past. Not fun at all.
  18. Eh..yea 20 isn't too special.

    Too young to buy alcohol and too old for dumbass mistakes to be funny.Same with 19..useless..

    I got 8 months till 21...the last decent birthday.
  19. I was happy to turn 18 "yay legal adult and I can buy smokes!" Then 19 was shit, then 20 was shit. Then I was happy to turn 21 "yay I can buy booze!" After this is was just more years of whatever. Responsibility sucks but it comes if you want it or not. Best to get a foot up on it.

    Make your money, get your place. This gives you some margin of control over your life.
  20. OP, sounds like money is your problem and not that you're turning 20. You just need a good job. The sky aint gonna fall just cause you're another year older. Its just like any of your other birthdays.

    I'm turnin 20 on Tuesday and it feels the same to me, but then again, I've had a job and bills for several years now so I've already been pushed off that cliff

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