I'm Too Freakin' young to be a Grandpa!!! lol

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. My Baby Girl (24yrs) told us she is having a Baby this summer!!!

    PoohGator and I are really excited!!! But down here in LA., Grandparents are often called MawMaw and PawPaw, and PoohGator is not happy about that!!! LOL
  2. congratulations pawpaw....
    maybe you could intrududce... nanny....
    here we have papaw an nanny.
    in mich its gramma n grampa, called my gramma, granny once an ya shoulda seen the look....lol

  3. [​IMG]Congrats to you and saxman/poohgator junior and all the luck for life to saxman/poohgator junior junior who is yet to be born.[​IMG]
  4. lol congrats

    spoil the grandkid while the parents arnt lookin ;)
  5. Your Baby Girl....awwwww, Congrats, OLD Man!!! LOL! You know I didn't mean that, Cowboy! Well, I meant the congrats part... just not the OLD part! ;)

    You guys will make cool grandparents. I don't what you should be called though. I'll ponder that one for a while!
  6. I think either switch or jack for a boy...
    Alice is a cool girls name... still it's not down to me is it- thank fuck...
  7. Makes me really wonder about the old song, ......"pickin up PawPaws and puttin 'em in a basket"....

    Cowboy! You is a sight for sore eyes! Congrats to you and PGator. Y'all doin alright? Healed up good from the crash?

    Hope all is well in the bayou.
  8. Congrads Cowboy. I wouldn't worry to much about what they call ya, as long as it's not old goat! lol

    Good to see ya around for a bit!
  9. she should name it namron:D

  10. I think Stanhappen is a good name
  11. Congrats cowboy, one day you may be a great frand pappy too. :)



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