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im the sickest healthy person i ever seen.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. :rolleyes:
    hi well i did it. radiation therapy last thursday. i have actually been radioactive or somtning where i had to stay away from people aND NOT HAVE SEX :D or sweat on them, or touch their food, blah blah what a pain in the ass. all it was, was a rather large pill containing iodine and 14.4 somthing of radiation.this will surely and effectivily destroy part or most of my thyroid and slow the rate of my metabolism, blah blah it will be very easy and kinda probable ill go from overactive to underactive not good :( blah blah not supposto be anyside effects,..well hhhm well ive been sick as anyhow im at the end of this sux, and almost done feeling sorry for myself :) so ive told my crap and ill be done complaing about it now. unless i keep feeling like shit and get fat :D then you'll hear allllll about it. just jokin.....
    one more thing.....the nuclear medicine dep. in a hospital EEK! my stuff is totally safe and treatable. the man i spent an hour chatting with in the waiting room was dying of cancer. what a terrible thing thing to think thank god it wasnt me.
    im done now, thanks for listinin'
  2. God bless you girl:) My heart is with ya! Know there are those of us who care. Not that we can help, but hang in there! I can't even think of any words that will help at all. I do care though.

    I'm believing this will take care of all your problems and this will be the end!

    I truly do believe in miracles:D

  3. hey highwatha i hope you get better i need to see you in the chatroom! well dont get anymore sick thats my advice right now and its the best i could think of.....
  4. Hey girl, sorry you've been so sick. Does this mean you don't have to do any cooking for awhile, too? ;) I doubt you'll get fat or anything, judging from the pics I've seen of ya, you are a gorgeous babe. Good luck sweetie.
  5. Good Luck sweetie, hope you get better quick.
  6. Best wishes for a speedy and COMPLETE recovery!!!!!
  7. awww, you guys are sweet and sometimes lend more support than my old bra...(tis what happens when you turn 30)....and stony id like to let you in on the fact that your my very new best girlfriend, its not often ANyone calls me a georgous babe. yea im that easy :D
    im totally done feelin sorry for myself now.
    love and hugs and thanks
  8. My best wishes to you too Highawatha. Hope you're feeling better soon!
  9. best wishes Highawatha.
    Kick back, and take it as easy as possible.

    But then where is the fun in that?[​IMG]
  10. so were you glowing green for a coupla days? :)
    well highawatha i am glad you're not getting surgery, i hope the radiation takes care of your sickness and that you have a speedy recovery.
    hope you're feelin well at this point, i know my wishes are kind of belated xoxoxo
  11. Sweetness you had better start taking good care of yourself or you'll end up like me. I really don't think that you'll want to end up a guy!

    Keep the faith sweetheart and remember you are loved by many on this board.

    Glad to see your doing better.
  12. yea get better

    :smoke: :hippie:
  13. Hey High!!! Good to see ya and glad all is well. I'll make this a short "hey" and e-mail ya later. :)

    Stonie Jo

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