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Im supposed to taste something?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sceego, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Not sure if im a "new" toker. I am definitely not a pro; only been smoking for about 6-7 months.
    This is like my 2nd post, so; Hi! :D
    Anywho; tons of people say they love the taste of a certain strain? I dont get it; out of all the weed i've smoked i dont taste anything. I only taste, well; smoke/ashes (hard to explain.)
    Am i doing something wrong? Is anyone else the same? Thanks.

  2. Anytime I smoke it always tastes/smells the same to me also except for the first couple of green hits.
  3. nigga if you aint tasting the pussy when you eatin it, you betta believe you doin something wrong
  4. The first 2-3 hits taste Earthy, then the rest is just Ashy. 
  5. I definitely taste my strains when using a water piece. If your piece is too hot you won't taste anything. You'll REALLY notice flavor if you vape or dab.

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  6. try having those who are smoking with corner the bowl (only light a smaller portion of it; think down into the bowl, not across the top) rather than torch the whole surface. this might savor the taste a little bit more. if you're always smoking with someone who's getting all that wonderful green on top, they might be getting all that flavor too (along with most potent parts of the bud). 
    also marijuana taste is a lot like cigarette or cigar smoke. it's not the same as a food hitting your taste buds. just a smoke coasting over them. you most likely taste it, but are having trouble picking it apart from all the other stuff that's going on. 
    the best way to taste, is smoke a bowl right before bed and don't brush after (brush before, kids!) you'll wake up with a smacky mouth and taste nothing but mary.
    best smoking apparatuses for taste: clean pipes, papers, vapes, and clean water pipes. (very dirty pipes will cloud taste indefinitely)
    worst: blunts
  7. When you get reaallll good bud, then it might taste different when it's green hits. I always prefer good bud I find back home to the nasty taste of bud up at my university.

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