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  1. okay so heres the situation. Im making a grow box thats 6 foot tall 4 foot wide and 3 foot deep.... the problem is that i cant hook it up to the power source in my house. Im 20 and in school so i still live at home and my parents would notice a surge in the utility bill. I want to run two duracell generators that pump out 1440 watts an hour for 10 hours, but i have no way to charge them so i came up with an interesting way. I want to use a hand crank to generate electricity to refill the generators. Anyone know if this is even possible? could use some help/ advice
  2. Really, dude... don't grow in your parents house if they are not OK with it. The jump in the utility bill, the smell, the "new spot" your parents are not allowed to see in your room. There is just too much shit that could mess it up, bro. You're 20 though so maybe you could look into a little shed or something? Maybe drop 5-600 on a little shed and grow outside or... something?

    I now realize that my post is a pointless post... I apologize!
  3. nah no worries i already thought of all that..... im getting my bob the builder on haha..... im building the grow box to look like a safe, and itll work like one.... There are locks in the back which when unlocked open the middle of the box revealing the grow box itself... Im sure that sounds fuckin confusing as hell and i appologize in advance but its like something out of a movie. yano like the secret room that opens out of a book case.... Its gonna be put in my garage which houses my dirt bikes and smells like gas. I only plan on doing two plants so it wont smell bad plus throw a carbon filter on there and the smelll will be nonexistant
  4. ok playa throw some diesel up in there and your set.
  5. How would that help??

  6. Don't have an answer to your question but how'd you go about making the frame?
  7. Im not completely done yet (buildin as money comes) but what im doin is i build the fame out of 2x4s and covered the outside in plywood. I made the door hinge about a foot into the structure so that when opened it reveals the grow box. For that i used industtial door hinges on the inside. The front looks just like a safe and it opens but its only a foot deep( obviously). On the side with the hinge i have two pieces of aluminum like a safe would. The other side is just one long piece so that it looks like its all one big safe. But when it is unlockwd. The entire structure opens up as one. Im sorry if it doesbt completely make sense im on my phone

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