Im stoned...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 23, 2006.

  1. Damn this some killer.

    Got this gram, Fucking look like beast and 5 a gram got me pissed. But fuck it, Its 5 bucks. Now 2 bowls later and like a hour and a half now been smoking jus two bowls.

    I keep like forgetting what im doing.

    I miss being high like this.

    Shit i aient been smokin like i was not long ago. Shit this only my second time smoking today too so my tollerance going down from smokin hella blunts.

    I dont know, Random topic.
  2. Glad to hear someone is hella stoned. I've been dry for awhile now, smoke a bowl for me. Can't wait till I get home and start smoking again like I want to, it'll be great considering I've been on a 3 month tolerance break (well I've smoked 3 times)

    -toke on
  3. Haha - that sounds like the highs I get when I smoke reggies for awhile and hit some fire. Gotta love it.
  4. i just got sooooome dank...omg wow...haha i just got out the shower (when i smoked) and im still in my towls..i was just gunna check my mail...fuck n a im sooo fuckin stoned
  5. damn im stoned too. been puffin on some purple power plant and some bubblegum :)
  6. Yeah.

    Me too :D

    I'm finishing off a quarter of the fluffiest, most keiffy herb i've smoked in awhile.

    I'm going to go watch UFC now. haha.

    Have fun, KSR!
  7. Shiit, 5$ a gram! i wish i had that price..I just got outta ma hottub and smoked a fatty bowl, now im sittin here gettin a cam show from my friend ha..damnn!
  8. Me too. Just smoked a joint of that willys wonder I picked up. :smoking:
  9. I just picked up some trainwreck. Its funny, I was waiting all day for my dealer to pick up, finally im like fuck it, and i pick up my pipe to scrape some resin, and just then my phone rings, and my dealer was at my door :D

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