im stoned and i dont know what to eat any ideas?

Discussion in 'General' started by dylan182, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. to high to decide what to eat!!
  2. are you a healthy stoner or a junk food eater? take a picture of the contents of your fridge so i know what i am working with.

  3. this guy has done this before
  4. Pasta with a cream sauce.
  5. pizza is always good stoner food. But i would go with meat tortellini with pesto sauce
  6. how is he going to ask us what to eat then go off line
  7. You should just eat a nice big fat bowl of PUSSY.
  8. I'd say your best bet would be a stick or two of butter mixed with some mayonnaise and mustard, put that shit on bread, muffins, potato chips.
    Or go full out and make a rotisserie style chicken, dipped in gravy, rolled in breadcrumbs, and smothered in mayonnaise
  9. do you have any dunkaroos.
  10. Bob baker, new favorite sig! Lol
  11. some doritos with a bottle of coke is my favorite stoner meal
  12. you pregnant ?
  13. im eating oats.
  14. That last post was a joke, i'd go for them tasty whole-grain cereal mixes (Bob's Red Mill is a good'n) some fresh fruits (grapefruit, berries, whatever) plenty of whole-grain bread, snack packs, mixed nuts, pork rinds, raw fresh vegetables, maybe a couple tortilla's and lean taco/chicken meat, mmmmm make me a dang quesadilla Napoelon.
    Those are a few things i can think of i'd actually buy
  15. [​IMG]
    buy some of this,dont put as much water as it says tho,while boiling add red chrused pepper.Towards the end add bacon bits and Tabasco sauce.Mix it really good with some salt too.

    Oh and make some Alfredo pasta with some moderate spices as well and add Peas very gently into the bowl.Diced celery in it is great in it as well...
  16. How bout sum Easy Cheese n Wheat Thins:wave:

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