Im starting "Singles Day"

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. its tomorrow.
    spend it by yourself
  2. Actually singles day was yesterday the 13th.
  3. That will never sell any cards.

  4. this isnt time for poking holes damnit!
    my holiday isnt a marketing stradegy, it increases suicides.
    not funny.
    george carlin said that you cant joke about a disease until theres a cure for it.
    so no jokes on suicide.
  5. Psh, ive had "singles day" for the past month now... its pretty nice lol.

    Cept... now my f'in saturday nights starting late cuz people have to be all lovey dovey n shit. :vomit:
  6. Fuck single day I enjoy my lady :)

  7. Same here man, FUCK THIS HOLIDAY.

    Fuck, it.

    I really can't remember last time I was This bored, being budless doesn't help matters either.

    .......I need drugs
  8. hahaha

    im gunna be just burnin all day tmrw by myself so its funny that you say this .


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