Im sou druink right nioow.,..:.

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  1. I'm not, I'm actually sober but damn doesn't this shit annoy u guys? For one grasscity is a toker forum :smoke: and there's just to many little kids posting how drunk or stoned they are, and can't even spell shit right, is there another forum we can direct all these kids 2?
  2. you don't sound exactly like you're any older... u? 2?
  3. Who cares? let them enjoy their buzz. unless they start getting mean or something..... they aren't hurting anyone.
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    Close... Im actually 3, haha no I'm 19 now been here since 2010 I dont need negative remarks, I'm just making a point , u know...
  5. Exactly, but I type eighty to one hundred words a minute and being drunk doesn't slow it down a bit
  6. Yea i feel like people that type wrong over internet/txt who claim to be rly high or drunk r completely over exaggerating to try to make u feel like they r rly hardcore or some other stupid shit. No matter how fucked up i am off weed, alcohol, or both i dont ever spell wrong, maybe jsut some grammatical mistakes.

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