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  1. On bongs. The only bong I ever used was some shitty acrylic one. I just bought a glass on glass straight tube about a foot tall with a bubbler ashcatcher, diffused downstem, and ice notch. I wanted to have a percolator in my bong but the headshop had none that were for simple glass bongs like this. Anyways, my eyes are getting bloodshot sesh after sesh with only mids! My eyes only get bloodshot if I haven't smoked in like 24 hours or if I'm smoking piff. When my eyes are bloodshot it means I'm just done aha. Is it possible to add a perc to a bong? Or should I just not worry about it, is it that much of a difference?
  2. get an ashcatcher, most of them have percs
  3. he has a ash catcher, and no you don't want to add a perc to a bong lol. Your fine, just upgrade your downstem, bowl, use ice.. things like that will work
  4. I remember you bro. I hope it breaks.
  5. Carbon filter

  6. backstory plz.

  7. ::takes out his cup of coffee::

    I love good gossip.

    Come on girls, lets get chatty ^_^
  8. [quote name='"boobtree"']i remember you bro. I hope it breaks.[/quote]

    why would you wish that on me?! My habits are bad enough!

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