I'm so stoned out I'm seeing spots.

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    IIII can barely even tyype right now holy shit man. Hey girls and guys, I'm new here to this forum. I like to join forums online about my interests. I do a lot of traveling too so I like to check out different strains wherever I go. I have the dankest headies right now, it's almost like I'm tripping, no shit. IIIIIII can't even typpe. Oh, and a shameless plug of my website with its own forum [deleted] There are some really interesting topics there, so I really urge you to check it out and you don't even have to register to post there. A lot of people at my forums smoke grass too. I thought I'd check this place out though for a bit because that other forum I linked to is getting a little too intense for me right now. I just want to chillax for a bit at this dank corner of the interweebs for a while. I didn't see in the rules that I couldn't put links here, so delete it if that's against the rules, sorry about that bro. Just email me and I won't do it again. Last thing I want is to get you guys pissed at me and shit. Hoooly shit I cantt eeeven tope right now.
  2. Really? I tope twice a day homie. Nice read.
  3. LOL idk maaaaan
  4. Thanks bro.

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