im so stoned are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by HerbSamurai300, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: pretty damn stoned.
    i was just wondering how stoned anyone from GC was haha
    im on cloud 9 feelin like i smoked a super blunt of Gods stash.
    how stoned are you?
  2. Small buzz right now, took 3 bong rips like hour and half ago. Me and some buddies hotboxed my truck with 4 blunts at like 9:00pm yesterday. I was so high that I think I might of been sober. :confused_2: It was all like, :eek:
  3. haha sounds like a good ass time!
    im just cross, liquor and weed. lol too gone
  4. Not at all. Kind of quit, or at least taking an extended T-Break.

    Thinking seriously about picking up a gram though one of these days and making some edibles or rolling up a joint or two.
  5. I'm not very stoned. I want to smoke more, but I don't have much left.

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