im so lucky i didnt die..

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  1. So apparently two of my bestfriends just got in a serious wreck last night. They were with three girls i know and were drunk driving, going really fast around their neighborhood in this girls bmw. I just met this girl two days ago and we were doing the same shit driving around drunk the night before. Luckily i wasnt with them last night, because they slammed right into a tree. the driver who i just met two days ago, died. My friend N, broke his leg, and arm. My friend J, was the only one wearing a seatbelt, and came out with only a fractured vertebrae. One girl broke her legs, and the other one fractured her skull and broke her neck.

    smoke a bowl for my friends blades, N is in the hospital right now, im going to go see him tomorrow, my other friend who was wearing his seatbelt is already home.
  2. Wow, man. Wow. Uhm.. I really don't know what to say. I'm very terribly sorry for your loss; also, man, I'm glad you weren't there too, man. Shows good judgement though.

    I'd blaze a bowl for 'em but I don't have any bud and getting some right now is hard considering I only have six bucks and the fucker isn't ANSWERING HIS PHONE and hasn't been for three-four days? Idk what the fuck to do.
  3. Don't drive drunk EVER. It's sad that I even have to say it. I used to drive around with kids who were tripping on all kinds of shit and drunk, I'm lucky too but I'd never ever do that shit again or hang out with people who would endanger other peoples' lives like it's nothing.

    Half of me is sad after reading what happened but the other half is just like what the fuck, if you touch a stove of course it's going to burn you. Chances are if you drive drunk something bad will happen, not trying to sound insensitive but it's common sense my dude.
  4. Your third eye seen it comin'

    In all seriousness though, I hope your friends all make a full recovery. Car wrecks are no fun.
  5. This is really sad. I'm glad your friends don't have life threatening injuries, that must be a relief. That's really awful what happened to the driver.:(

    I'll be packing a bowl for them.
  6. Dude im sorry, that's really shitty but dont fucking drive drunk
  7. why werent they wearin seatbeltss?
  8. okay so two of my friends that were in the wreck had pictures of my grow on their phone. should i be worried about this?

  9. I can't say I have any experience with the law, but I don't think the police would go through their phones. Right?.......Right?
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    well besides that anyways i wonder if ill be alright mentally. i just met this girl now shes dead. she was one of my bestfriends girlfriend. and i was friends with all the people int he wreck. i dont even know what i would do if it was one of my two closest buddies that had died. its still pretty unsettling either way tho
  11. That's terrible, never a good idea ever. I hope you are doing fine. I would ask them to delete those photos cuz you never know.
  12. Damn bro that's wild.Smoking for them after I eat.

  13. It takes too much time and trouble to fasten my seat belt
  14. the driver kinda got what was coming to him since he was the one who put everyones lives in danger and didnt care that he was drunk driving.
  15. I really am kinda torn on this, I feel terrible for the family of the girl that died. It's so sad when it happens to someone so young. It is however their fault, they made a choice to get in that car and speed around drunk. Nobody deserves to die but I guess those are the consequences when you do that stuff.

    This is a really sad story, I'm sorry op
  16. Sad, yet completely preventable. Pretty sure everyone knows the moral of the story by now...

  17. No, really I cant understand it. First off, my car wont stop beeping if i wont wear a seatbelt... if you go to the scrap yard and get the seatbelt thingy of another car and put it in your car... your car might think you a wearin a seatbelt....
    wanna know what happens then? your car will pop out the airbag in a crash. your face will not only be going with pretty much speed towards the weel it will be popped bag by the airbag and your neck will break (30mph is enough)... youd acutally be more safe in a car without airbags in that case.
  18. Damn man, after reading this, now I don't want to hang out with my sisters today because they are going to be drinking and driving and I'm going to have to be in their car.:( Fuck it, I'm not going, I don't wanna die, or break a leg, or break my neck, or fracture my vertebrae.
  19. What? Don't let them drive what the fuck are they doing that they plan to be drunk and drive?
  20. They want to go to this place called The Lounge, and they want to have drinks and have fun, but to me, I can have fun without drinking, but for them, it seems like drinking is a necessity to have fun. If I knew how to drive, I would go and be the designated driver have fun time with my sisters, but sadly, I don't know how to drive. One of my sisters already got in a car crash from drinking and driving. I'll just wait till Thanksgiving to have fun with my sisters.

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