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Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. ya i aint been around in a bit no one prolly remembers me. But i dunno just thought id stop in and say whats up. Ive decided to try in quit doin drugs for a while. That is except weed and shrooms but ill prolly end up quitin them too. Im just tryin to get my shit in order right now. But im goin through alot of hard shit right now and its hard to not use. Especially when i just got back from this house where everyone was doin ecstasy. And they were all my friends i used to roll with...:(

  2. all my friends, like seriously two of the 3 groups I usually hang out with on a reg basis had there E binges within 2 months of eachother, hard binges.

    that shit changes a person while there on it, most things do. there all past that now, ive seen too many people hit way hard and not be able to hang to want to do E, Ive only done straight MDMA and I know the high wasnt my type.

    however, im turning 20 in june and thats when EDC is and im pretty sure ill be going, ill let you know it I enjoyed the E

    best of luck with stopping doing everything your doing, whatever it is. I find that just cutting back at first helps change your mind frame so you dont think about it so much and then just keep busy, if im bored and dont have anything to do thats when I usually smoke

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