im so lost with love..

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  1. i had a girlfriend for three years , i loved her.. alot, i would do anything for her, i never cheated on her or tried to hurt her in any way. i dont know what i did wrong, because she cheated on me many times, and i always took her back. now i cant trust her, i dont even know if i know who she really is. and our relationship had to be kept quiet cause her didnt want me seeing her, she tried many things such as a restraining order to keep me away. i couldnt see her very often because of it. now.. im lost idk if i can ever love anyone, i feel like i want to love someone but i feel like no girls around me are "real" and i just cant imagine myself loving another girl.

    plus i have to deal with her at school in the morning when im usually baked and all she does is bitch and i usualy respond with "shut up beotch" to everything she said.

    idk just thought id express myself, and see your opinions. thanks :smoke:
  2. Ok well it sounds like you're in high school, so fucking get over it! She obviously doesn't want you, so move on, ain't shit you can do. Not trying to be an ass, just telling it like it is.
  3. no dude i completly understand what you mean, im doing good ive never disliked someone so much, except the fact that i have to deal with her everyday, and i left out the part were shes like evily upssesd sorry bout that. and she always trys to get me back now and it starts working cause i tend to care too much about people.
  4. I know how you feel homes. I was in a 4 year relationship all through out high school. When we broke up shit was rough. But, think of it this way. You're going off to college soon enough. You'll find someone or something to love again. :ey:
  5. i love weed, it loves me and does good for me so fck that bitch :smoke:
  6. amen:cool:
  7. Get over it, or torment yourself.

    Which one are you going to choose ?
  8. I used to think the same thing when my ex became my ex. Trust me, you'll get there.

    You need to avoid her, do no contact, to completely empty her from your mind.
  9. I feel bad for you son
    I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

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