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Im So Jelous...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by inb4bud, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Im so jelous of people who live in med states and people who can grow.
    I am from the UK, and weed is not cheap, its around 0.7 - 0.9 for £10 (roughly $16).
    Its either mids or dank.
    The dealers are dumb as fuck too. They dont know anything about what they are selling, they dont treat it like a business, they think they are gangsters, while they are not.
    I used to live in an apartment, but after my parents busted my grow (i made a thread about that a few weeks ago), I lost all of my money (after being scammed), so I had no choice but to move back home again.
    I wish I can grow ¬_¬
    Its ashame my parents are on to me now, the slightest little light and they will be all over me like a horny monkey in august ¬_¬

  2. How did your parents bust YOUR grow in YOUR apartment.
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    op makes no sense lol

    edit: you posted on june 16th saying your parents found and through it away, but you found it a week later. so im with the guy above me, how did your parents find your grow in your apartment?
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  4. Lmao
  5. I thought he gave his parents a key to the apartment.  Maybe he's in college?
  6. I thought the threw it away (I had multiple plants, but I went out for a cigarette and found all but one dead in a hidden part of my garden.
    THey were snooping my apartment when they sent me away to stay with my grandma (she was temporarly living alone, i kepy her company).
    I did give them a key, im in UK college, I decided to take a break from all the house stress, but i guess that didnt last long.
  7. Second this guy.
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  8. your grow journal was for one little seedling, you posted yesterday.
  9. How old are you OP?
    Parents found your grow, your own place, things dont make sense here?
    Whatta who?
  10. I didnt post a grow journal yesterday.
    I posted a grow journal 5 weeks ago, It was bumped yesterday or the day before.
    I also posted in teh sick plants section because the surviving plant is dyyyiinnng :(
    Cba to explain, look at my previous thread about me being pissed off at parents.
    Im 19.
  11. Don't cum on your self op

    One of many.

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  12. Idk what's going on here but it reminds me of the law and order that's happening right in front of my eyes. Basically some guy (possible child molester I'm not accusing you of that) is being made into idiot because he is getting caught in his lies so bad by benson (total babe) and stabler

    I don't know where I was going with this but I typed too much to not hit send.

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  13. Do not worry my friend across the sea. One day the UK will have medical marijuana (like my home state of California) and it will eventually become legal.
  14. i feel you, when i'm on the app that point of no return comes fast and you end up making a dumb ass post like this one :p

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