Im so high that.....

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  1. for the past 5 minuets i Have been typing in trying to get to being my screen name and me being high created a situation of mass hysteria inside my mind.

    i got some hash and some maui weed from the dispensary which evidently messed with my
  2. haha! very nice. i think we've all done something like that or similar.
  3. i hate it when i'm so stoned i'm about to go do something then two seconds later i forget what i was gonna do then i remember then i forget and i'm just walking in circles for 5 minutes lol

  4. Haha I know what you mean. Driving can be pretty crazy while stoned. I wouldn't suggest it. lol
  5. most of my friends are great drivers when stoned lol
  6. I chase my tail alot when high.

    The other night, I left my cell phone in this girl's car and didn't even notice when I got home, but I flipped the fuck out the next day. I have no short term memory on anything, including tree.
  7. I remember a few day's ago I ate some Edibles with Cannabutter in them.Then smoked a few bowl's and took some xanax and a soma.I was pretty damn high about then.I was hungry so I was cooking something in the microwave and I put the time in and kept pressing start and the fucker would not come on.I was stunned,looking around hoping I didnt brake it or something.Never even knew the door to it was'nt shut,untill about 20 minutes later after I said fuck it.

    Funny story though op.
  8. Well im so high I could ride a horse
    +rep who can guess where i got the horse part from:wave:

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