I'm so happy right now

Discussion in 'General' started by SAMCRO420, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So I ran out of weed about 3 days ago, I've been aching to get high but couldn't. I don't get my check until Saturday and I was convinced I was fucked. I scraped all my bowls for resin, ended up having a decent sized resin ball and got a nice buzz out of it but that just made me crave a really good high.

    I started searching my usual smoking spots around the house hoping I would find weed that I dropped. After an hour of looking around, nothing. Then I realized I used to have a lil smoking spot in my walk in closet where I kept my stash, so I started to find little nuggs in the carpet against the wall. I ended up with 3/4 of a bowl pack and smoked that shit about 10 mins ago. I feel amazing right now, I fell so relieved and wanted to share it with my fellow pot heads, Cheers.
  2. Now I do too, I have more searching to do today, when I lose my Buzz I hope I'll find at least another bowl pack.
  3. Lol, I do this all the time. Glad you're happy bro!
  4. One time a few years ago me and my bestfriend were both unemployed, but somehow always found a way to scrap together some cash to buy a dub every two days. One time we couldn't find any and were itching to smoke because for a few months there was rarely a day where we didn't find a way to smoke at least 1 bowl. I had my parents car for the evening and was went for a long drive around this place I used to live in. So I get back into town at the mall to meet my friend, I get out of the seat and low and behold. There was a nug that was almost a full gram just there half in the seat half sticking out. It was from an 1/8th I had bought like four days before. And I hadn't been in the car at all for three days. So my parents were driving there car everyday with a nug just there in the drivers seat. I was so happy that it randomly happened. We ended up backing a fat bowl at this spot by the traintracks where the interstate went over head over this bridge and there was tons of graffiti we would check out. Was a fun time.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good experience. I'm glad your parents didn't find the nug.
  6. Am I the only one who doesn't crave/scrape bowls/look under coushins/ask the forum the easiest way to get money for weed: when I don't have any green left? :confused_2:
  7. No, I'm the same way. I don't feel like scouring the ground for tiny nugs like an addict just to get a high that'll last maybe 3 hours tops.
  8. Lol at the time I felt like an addict, this was my first doing this and I got lucky, I'm gonna save the rest for when a friend comes over later.
  9. Why not have one of your homies smoke you out till you can get them back with green?
  10. woah its killerkush
  11. Haha yeah man I took a hiatus for a while!

    Just finished up school, now, traveling.

    Been everywhere with no plan to stop any time soon!

    I didn't have my laptop for about four months when I was hiking hunting and fishing.

    Up in the canadian land, hit up jasper vancouver calgary and edmonton. Heading down to the south for a month after I get to chicago for two weeks.

  12. onetime when i thought i was dry, i found a nug behind the sofa. right next to jesus and elvis.
  13. damn man it sounds like quite the adventure, lol especially when its you were talking about. whatcha gonna do in chicago?
  14. I am heading out to north coast; going to be flying into o'hare on the 26th. Then after that going to WVU, College of Charleston, UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, UNC Charloette, U GA, SCAD, U Miami, U Florida, USF...

    Then after that I am not quite sure; might live in New Orleans for a little bit cause I've never been there ^_^

    Sorry for hijacking your thread OP!

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