im so fucked up i thought i was neopets

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by BlackIce, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. My friend is in the same boat. A little soul-searching would do you good.
  2. Dude neopets ruined my life. Its so addicting.
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  3. Neopets and Pokémon, I hear... they totally are life.
  4. haha neopets is fun to play around on when high :D
  5. i used to have so much bomb ass shit on neopets with a shop and money and shit
  6. one of the worlds greatest thread titles
  7. I second this.
  8. I STILL get on neopets D:

  9. i fucking third this:smoke:
  10. I have no clue what this thread is talking feelz left out
  11. i fourth the shit out of this. i cant stop fucking laughing
  12. You shitting me? Best thread name? It isn't even in the right section!

    The two spaces between the uncapitalized "i" and "thought" is a nice touch though.

    I seriously have a hard time believing some of the bullshit people spew when they are "so fucked up." I've taken several hallucinogenic drugs, and I never once considered myself to be anything even remotely close to a neopet.
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  13. Pokemon was the shit. I sometimes wish I could play it again with the same feelings and excitement I did when i was a little kid. Oh the good old days.
  14. Says the man with 248 posts lol.

    No but really, don't rain on the goddamn parade.

    How can you deny the greatness of the thread title?
  15. obvious troll is obvious
  16. It's been a while since I went to Neopets... like 4 years. They really improved the site.
  17. Oh, they were 248 posts of glory!

    *cough* 249 posts now, I'll have you know!

    I'm sorry for raining on parades, really I am, but this one was just a bit over the top. The OP's thread post I mean.

    As for my the reason of my raining, the phrase, "I'm so fucked up," is one that I find absolutely obnoxious. It is often used as a filler. For example, I'll be enjoying my silent trip when someone pipes in about how fucked up they are. How fucked up? So fucked up. Some great description. Doesn't even have to be a silent trip, the phrase just adds nothing to a conversation. Much worse, it's used as a qualifying statement to make saying stupid things more acceptable. "I might be fucked up but, {insert inane opinion or idea here}".

    Well, that's the end of that rant. I tried to withhold, I really did. He provoked me, I swear it. You saw him!


  18. dude im so fucked up....

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