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im so fucked that

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kronologick, May 26, 2010.

  1. i just thought i shouldmt make this thread because being fucked isnt ab ig deal, but since im so toasted ill just make the thread because it shows i dont really care as much as people think i do

  2. You are soo cool:eek:
  3. Flibble dibble wibble

    now say it ten times fast
  4. i had way too many edibles fuck

    i just puked 3 times in the last 20 minutes
  5. someone is pretty b-l-a-z-e-d!
  6. ive smoked marijuana all my life

    ive done shrooms twice, 3 grams each time

    bujt ive never been this way in myt life

    soooo good

    edibles > anything
  7. how can you say you enjoyed it if you puked 3 times in 20 mins:confused:
  8. it was puke of magic, like, it felt good.
  9. next time puke in a cup and drink it, if it is magic
  10. i turn 18 tomorrow, i can legally come on this forum!
  11. bahaha that's hilarious...
  12. this thread makes me sick
  13. If you turn 18 tomorrow, you can legally be a pornstar and anyone could (with your consent, naturally) come on you.
  14. you should have waited till tomorrow to say that.
  15. How incredibly insightful.

    Almost as much as this useless post I'm making.
  16. I seriously apologize for this thread. I've started coming down, and I realize how pathetic this is.
  17. i dont understand why everyone is being an asshole to this guy. hes just fucked up. ignore the thread then
  18. Now I just don't understand how he was at the state he was at 20 minutes ago, but now he's coming down :confused:
  19. Im not sure i understand this post... at all.
  20. +1

    and..YOU REBEL!

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