im sick of a nation divided

Discussion in 'Politics' started by the hellion, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i think we should go back to the old days..when you had to candidates who had no affiliations with anyone, they just wanted to be elected so that they can change things. And of those two, the PEOPLE chose who they want by majority only..and whoever wins is the president, whoever comes in 2nd, should become vice president, of course its a rift between the president and VP, but this country isnt about what party you belong to. its what country you belong to and what people you OWE.

    im sick of democrats

    im sick of republicans

    united we stand, divided we fall.

    morale of the story, we should have a single party system, becasue this bipartisan system is tearing this country apart...and then even again because of who gets chosen to represent what party you have die hard clinton supporters hating on barack, you have hardcore romney supporters backing mcCain..and i hate ignorant people who only know what one news channel tells some fucking research and investigate what your talking about, its not the technology age for no reason.

    im so sick of trying to have a decent conversation with people, and they automatically assume things and take arguments they heard on tv and bring them into it and tensions start to rise..thats why i never talk politics, because people dont like being 'wrong' they cant both be right while just accepting the other persons views for what they are..that persons views, doesnt mean they have to be yours, but it never hurts to understand both sides of the argument

    JUST like the battle over whether marijuana should be legal, most of us do the research about it, find out about the laws, understand both sides of it...we should do the same research into our government, and instead of jumping to your own conclusions cause you saw a headline on Yahoo when you turned your computer on.

    (im just fucking bored in Flash class...)

    /end rant
  2. I'm sick of people thinking we need to vote on everything. As long as it doesn't infringe on anyone's rights, why should it matter? There's no need for any political parties, congress, or any of that bullshit. That's the way the US should be, at least.
  3. What? Do you not see how having no voting could quickly lead to some really heavy shit?
  4. That's the problem. Since the majority of people are stupid and poor, they vote to enact welfare and tax programs that drain the entire economy. Instead of helping, government taxation and "assistance" makes them worse off. (see Austrian School of Economics)

    But we should vote for somebody that represents the constitution and a limited government... which we haven't seen since pre-WW2 and the rise of the military industrial complex. Instead we vote on people who represent different social, rather than political, ideologies.

    Politics as usual means more war, more government, and more taxation. Get ready for some really heavy shit...
  5. what i dont get is why wall street and thousand other jobs affected by what president is in office? the people should just live their lives as they do every day(and most people do) without being affected by a change in president, just because yuo have a new person in office doesnt mean things are going to be better. it just means your under the control of a new person and we have to follow them..
  6. Care to give some examples of "heavy shit"?
  7. Because if no one voted on anything and the government could go unchecked and do whatever they wanted to without there ever being a vote, they could infringe and or strip us of our basic rights?? ....Maybe?

  8. Please, please explain to me how not helping (giving aid to) poor people helps them.
  9. Whenever I become disgruntled with our government, I just show my loyalty to my country by threatening to move to Canada.

  10. Voting or not that is inevitable.

  11. No it's not. "The government" will not always get its way because the people that make up the government want different things. So it's literally impossible. Unless there was a one party system (btw, one of the worst serious ideas I've heard in a while)
  12. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this... What I was trying to say is that voting is a way (albeit an imperfect one) that allows the people of a country to make their voices heard. If a person came to power who had no responsibility whatsoever to the people, what's to stop him/her from abusing their power to such an extreme that the lives of Americans become even more fucked than they are now?

    The guy with the hendrix avatar basically summed up my point.
  13. Really? This bi-partisan one gets my vote. 2 corrupt parties working for seemingly different purposes, but in the end none of it changes anything, there's still war, moronic policies, prohibition, a poverty stricken country only getting worse, an annihilation of the middle class, an immense deficit, and a disenfranchised voter (go figure).

    Even if the parties were there for the reason that they align politicians to some imaginary lateral pull they should atleast hold onto their values. The republican party now is FUCKED. They are extremely liberal fiscally. What happened to conservatism? Trade and commerce? The republican party has turned into the even more corrupt Neo-Con party and the liberals are quickly becoming socialists.

    I would quickly opt for a no-party system. :(
  14. dont worry soon enough the US wont be one of the greatest nations we'll just be another country
  15. if you look at history since the beginning of time, the united states is eeririly similar to some other nations/empires..the ottoman empire, controlled all of the passage between europe and asia and africa..they came up quickly, with the best technology in the world, there people were snobby, they thought they were the best, they were untouchable..couple hundred years later, they fell apart internally, noone took them over, noone dominated them, they just fell apart and branched into theyre own nomadic nations(modern day turkey, iraq, iran)

    now im not saying we'll be nomads by any means, the nation is too successful to just go into a nomadic society, however, i think this country is gonna fall apart internally, because if you look at our history, we came up, all big and bad just beating the brits and trying to rule the world from our lounge chair, thinking were the best in the world, we become the front runner in technology...history does and will always repeat itself, because man is accustomed to making the same mistakes throughout generations

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