I'm seein Animal Collective live :D

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by SpiceMadeOfLife, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I'm soooooo excited:D
  2. awsome. no fair. they sold out in chicago really fast. :(
  3. I quit toking for a while right before I got their new album. :(
  4. animal collective is a great band.

    i'm really glad i'm going to see 'em during the time of year shrooms grow in abundance in these parts.
  5. ive seen them 3 times, and seeing them again this summer. i cant wait, theyre AMAZING live :bongin:
  6. Saw 'em in SF during the Strawberry Jam tour, and they played a lot of stuff from their latest album - and that was over a year ago, October 2007. I clearly remember Summertime Clothes and My Girls, along with some other stuff from the new LP. Expect a lot of unfamiliar stuff, and try to remember it, because they'll likely be recording it a while from now. I like their tendency to play new things for live audiences first.
  7. I'm seeing them later this year in Philly at the Electric Factory. I'm pretty excited..
  8. Fuck, jealous!
  9. Looking forward to seeing them at bonnaroo. Have fun!
  10. I want to go so bad..
  11. I was going to go to that! Shame i wont be around.:(

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