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  1. I took 3 of the 3oz delsym's 4 days ago(Thursday). then i took one 5oz delsym the day after(Friday), then the day after that(Saturday) i took another 5oz delsym and i literally thought i was dying. i was surprised when i woke up the next day and i dont remember anything from Saturday. I havent taken anything since saturday. But i'm still feeling kinda dizzy-ish and i'm slurring my words...is this normal and will it go away? Today is Monday and its a little better but not much. Oh and 1 more thing...When i try to go do a number 1...i cant...i have to force it out of me. is that normal?:(:(:confused::confused:
  2. is delsym dxm?

  3. yes....delsym is dxm
  4. Drink more water, and bump up your vitamin C. DXM is only supposed to be ingested maybe once a week at most, other wise your going to be doing a serious number on your body. Wait it out for another day, but if problems continue go to a doctor... but he'll probably tell you the same thing.
  5. As you said, things are getting better not worse. You are on the right track. DXM can cause urinary retention, don't worry too much about that.

    Also, as I am sure you know, taking DXM this often is a bad idea.

    Hope you feel better.
  6. 3 days in a row? What do you expect.
  7. Exactly.

    DXM isn't the type of drug that is safe to abuse. Once a month only, or never at all.

    It's likely that since it's DXM polisterex, and you were dosing every day for 3 days, that there was just a buildup of DXO (DXM's metabolite...if you don't know about it then you didn't research enough) in your blood. DXO causes the bulk of the dissociation, which would account for any slurred speech or slowness.

    And urinary retention is normal with DXM, so long as you counteract it by upping your water intake. The amount of sugars in a single bottle of DXM is downright scary, and you took 3, so your liver needs to be filtered out with some water.

    Learn to be responsible with drugs.
  8. I sincerely hope you learned your lesson. :rolleyes:
  9. too much dxm mean no pee?
  10. DXM is really, really fun, but please refrain from doing it routinely. I do it maybe once every 2 months or so.

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