Im really tired at the lack of respect blunts/joints have been receiving lately

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Kurt Cobain, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Like really its getting freakin irritating, everyone always blabbing about their cool bongs and vapes but when blunts are brought into discussion its talked down upon.
    "ohh its low class to smoke a blunt", "its a waste of weed", "it burns too much"
    "only thugs smoke blunts"

    fuck off man seriously, the art of rolling a good spliff and the feeling of satisfaction when you're done surpasses those of just packing a stupid bowl, Im getting sick and tired of this


    thats the oldschool method and always will be the greatest method of smoke marijuana, fuck all that new school crap

    sorry I just had to vent:eek:
  2. Solar hits, FTW. Fuck paper.
  3. Get with the times dude, glass is in, paper is OUT!!! :p just teasing, but ya its healthier and taste better :)
  4. and it IS a waste of weed..
  5. Just make your bong or bowl then. Ever single joint I've smoked was a waste of weed blunts aren't that bad, I just like bongs.
  6. It's a horrible waste of weed, and in the case of blunts, much less healthy.

    Joints are a bit better, but not much..

    I'm really tired of people who come in and talk shit about glass and feel all gangsta cause they smoke blunts.
  7. I dont like blunts because I hate tobacco, but I do love a good J.
  8. shut up dude, Im not talking shit about glass, Im talking shit about those who talk shit about joints/blunts!!!

    Im not even a "gangster" why the fuck is smoking a blunt/joint so steriotypical and you have to be a OG LOC GANGSTA???????

    because idiots like you!
  9. there's nothing...let me repeat NOTHING like a wonderfully skilled L
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    Lol, his name is kurt cobain, trust me he is not trying to seem like a gangsta....:rolleyes:
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  11. If your like me and like the taste of tobacco better than weed but don't want to smoke tobacco then buy individual blunt wraps. I buy Royal Blunts and I know for a fact they are paper not tobacco so its no different than a joint. For some reason bowls don't get me as high either so for me it isn't as much of a waste of weed as you think. Smoke whatever way makes you happy its not a fashion statement and keep opinions to yourself. In all honesty it does look way more bad ass smoking a blunt than a pipe tho imo haha.

  12. Well lets see... I've ONLY EVER smoked blunts with gangstas... I won't even try to explain that, it's exactly what I said. I don't know any NON gangstas who even roll blunts. You're an idiot if you don't understand the cultural place of the blunt. You actully DID talk shit about glass, if you read your original post again, while complaining at the true accusations made against joints and blunts.

    They have a place, but it's certanially not the one you're claiming they do.
  13. listen could we please not start a blunt vs glass battle here.... everyone could decide what they like, no reason to argue about it....
  14. ill roll a blizzy everyonce in a while.

    but i mean thats a 12-15 dollar blunt...

    when two bowls that is less than a gram will get me x2 higher
  15. Hahahahahahah!!

    Joints and blunts are defenitly inefficient but that defenitly doesnt mean people should be talking down upon them. I dont know what your reffering to when you say that the members of GC are talking badly about blunts, if you mean that people talk badly about blunts in a thread asking what is your prefference: glass or blunts... Thats ok.. If people are talking badly about blunts in a thread dedicated to rolling then thats not ok....

    It does take alot of skill to roll a blunt or joint but it is true that they do waste alot of weed.. Its an online forum man.. Dont get yourself too worked up about this.

  16. I know who kurt cobain was, very well, and it's quite a shame he's being represented by people like this:p
  17. i used to be a long time blunt smoker. ive recently switched to glass.. trust me, it's much better... you cant enjoy the taste of your weed with cigars..

  18. :smoking: Hit the nail on the head.
    I personally love smoking out of blunts usually people smoke out of glass to either conserve weed or just cuz they like the taste better etc.etc. I think rolling a blunt is so legit because it takes the skill to roll a good one, the process is dope, and afterwards you get to enjoy your perfectly rolled blunt of perfection.
    I've been looking at these forums for years and just started posting probably last summer but, lately its just been ridiculous the amount of uneducated stupid young immature or 17 and under stoners posting stupid shit. shits lame dood :rolleyes:
  19. wow, Cant believe you just said that and you actually stand behind those words

    you sir are a true moron

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