Im out hustlin right...

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  1. I have like 100 hustles aight.

    One of them is cuttin lawns cuz it pays.

    So today, Im out cuttin lawns right. I cut three lawns and my own lawn.

    Well i cut one lawn, Then cut my lawn.

    Im cuttin my lawn, Im in the front yard cuttin it, And im blued up. Ya know black jeans, White n blue shirt, My black detroit hat with my blue bandana underneath it with a blue flag out my back pocket.

    Well, I see some youngin ridin down my block, MY block. And this fool wearin a red and black jersey, Black jeans, Red bike, Red shoes. Obviouslly clicked up. And hes alot younger and smaller then me. Hes on the other side of the street, He grimmed me i grimmed the fucker. He fuckin stopped.

    I was thinkin :wave:

    I straight up said 'You on the wrong block lil *****'. And he looked at me and took off.

    What the fuck.

    This fool lives like three blocks away from me, Never knew he was clamin people nation shit, This is folk nation hood right here, Not jus my block, All the blocks round here. Whats he thinkin shit...

    I love to see the homies, Clicked up, Fists up, Jeans sagged, Bandanas rags twist up, HOOD PRIDE, UNIFED, G's up, Livin by the code of the streets, An eye for an eye.
  2. if it was that serious if u was that down wit yo block u would hav got him plain and simple
  3. it would suck to get shot dead in the street just for wearing the wrong colors
  4. I have a red bike.
  5. It was a little kid dawg.

    He was like 10-11.
  6. A lot of kids listen to rap and dress like their in a gang when they're not. They think it's cool but a lot of people take it more seriously. People get killed that way. Nonsense.
  7. what would happen if someone, not affiliated with any gang, was walking in your hood wearing colors he probably shouldn't be wearing in that neighborhood? Just walking doing no harm.

    I'm asking cause i think it's rediculous to begin with, the fact that you could get in some shit for wearing red..... Like who does some one think they are to tell me I can't wear something
  8. Gangs are stupid. Insecure children like to compensate for their problems by joining a gang, they feel strength in numbers. Grow the hell up, being in a gang will get you NO WHERE in life.

  9. yo just cuz you feel that way u dont have to try a push ur beliefs on another person
  10. haha damn...i live in the suburbs. first time i read that i was like "what's the big deal?" then it hit me lol funny shit. they recruit young now, i guess
  11. keep in mind i have mad respect for you KSR, as i do all of my fellow blades. but if you love seeing people unified or whatnot, then why run someone off your block for wearing the wrong colors or being in a different gang? UNITY has to be a global concept...
  12. They'd more then likley get it, Or get ran off the block onto the next block, Then let that block figure out what they want to do with them.

    The OG's dont give a fuck, Wearin the wrong colors in our neighborhood is disrespectful. And is disrespecting them.

    I personally dont see it this way, I dont belive in the nonsense violence, But it happens.

    Im good boys with fools in rival gangs, Its weird that way.

    One of my best friends is a blood, Everytime i see him its all whats up slob, He says ot me whats up crab. But we cool like that. It dont matter, We grew up on other sides of the city but we still unite under the same beliefs.

    But know if it comes down to gang war type shit, I have to turn my back on him and watch out for the people wearing my colors, Its jus the way it is.

    Then you dont know jack shit about gangs.

    Im down with Folk Nation, And Folk Nation has always been about helping the community. Im in the straight up ghetto and my next door neighbor is like almost 90 years old, Why? Beecause we respect him and watch out for him.

    Folk's have always been there for the community, Then People nation came out and started with the non sense violence and fucked shit up.

    When im with my folks, Everything is community. My clothes are communtiy, My squares are community, My drank is community, My phone is community, Everything. What i mean by that is, Whatever i have, They have, Whatever they have, I have. We all borrow each others shit and watch out for each other.

    When a brothers down pick him up, And you you fall down they'll be there to pick you up.

    Thats what the gangs is supposed to be about.

    It depends. If they come on my block, Show respect and be cool, Its all good. Like i said earlier, One of my best friends is a slob, Its all good.

    But most times, I see a fool wearing red in my area, They coming to start shit. And that aient cool.

    They'll send the lil homies out here to scope out the scene and see whats going down. Like informants. Thats aient cool.

    We dont go on they block and do that kinda shit, Dont come on mine and do it ya know.

    Its all about respect, Complelty. Show respect get respect, We always show respect till we get disrespected.
  13. 10 or 11 is mad young
  14. Hahahahahahhahhahaha, that made me laugh so hard.
  15. Shoulda' snuffed that bittcchh..

  16. That was a VERY ignorant statement. There are ALOT of very intelligent gangbangers, it's just that they got caught up in the wrong lifestyle.

    In Los Angeles, they recruit youngin's to keep the turf active. Youngin's are more ruthless because they want their stripes (hood points) bad. So yeah...

    It ain't all one-sided. But what you expect? Folk & People are rivals in Chi-town. Of course all you guys who are reppin' is gonna catch heat. Just how it is.
  17. yo nighga i forget what i was gunna say shit
  18. I honestly have NO idea what you just said.
  19. Im gonna start a gang.

    The Rastaz, and green is our colour.

    Who wants in?

    Haha I"m too stoned to make a meaningful contribution to this thread.

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