Im Not Going To Lie Grow Or Buy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iponu, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Soo i live with my parents im in highschool i have an early birthday and stayed back so im a junior. My parents come in my room all the time, is it worth buying a grow box and getting busted or should i buy the weed with that money
  2. ask the homeowner if they would mind. it's their house, you should respect that. or you could always get your own place. hiding a grow from other people that live in the same house is almost impossible
  3. it would suck to buy some weed with the money cause once you smoke it all, you wont have the money nor the weed lol, you shouuld juss go for it bro
  4. HA
    good luck them not smelling, seeing electricity bill & when or how would you get supplies up to your room and what not
    good luck kid
  5. Assuming you're 18 and in a legal state...

    Do a micro grow in a pc case or a hollowed out dresser or other piece of furniture.
  6. ya the only way ur going to get away with it is using cfls and doing a real stealthy grow. if ur parents are in your room all the time you will probably get caught. if you take it really seriously and make a carbon scrubber for the smell and hide it in something like a dresser a big tupperware in your closet maybe you could get away with it..
    why are ur parents always in your room anyways? do u think they go through your shit when your not home? cuz if there nosy types of parents im sure they do..
    if i were u id grow outside or at a buddys house whose parents arent up his ass.
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    outdoors is what you want mate, if you live in the northern hemisphere then this is a great time to get some plants out. get some auto's going for an early harvest too. I grow up in my local mountains, it's cheap, and low risk. your not going to get pounds of weed lol, but it's practically a free way of growing. it gets you out outdoors too
  8. Gc does not condone growing in a home without the owners concent.
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