im new does it look ok

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  1. this is my first attempt of growing and just wanted your view on what it looks like.
    it sprouted through on the 12th of april and the little leaf things at the bottom still arnt dying off should i leave them or give them a gentle tug.

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  2. oh and the two leaves went crisp coz it waz touching the light at one stage but that was around a week ago.
  3. Wow, you have a nice, healthy looking plant. Have you considered whether you wanna try LST'ing and/or topping/FIM'ing it?

    As for the leaves on the bottom, I'm no expert but I don't see the harm in leaving them on. They'll dry out and fall off during the flowering stage anyway.

    I am concerned about one thing, and that's whether or not you sprouted feminized seeds. If not, you have a 50/50 chance that your plant will turn out to be a male.

    Nevertheless, good post. I'll keep an eye out to see how your plants develop.
  4. what is lst'ing and fim'ing this is probably such an easy thing to know but im new so bear with me
  5. looks pretty good. how big is that container holding it? (in vertical height)

  6. its 6 1/2 inches deep
  7. Looks good.
    Have you thought about what you are going to feed it? I would not worry about topping, LSTing or prunning it for a first grow but, that is just me. I would consentrate however on getting bigger pots and getting some good fertilizer.
  8. These are techniques designed to generate more but per plant. LST is a training technique, basically involves tieing down the plant in various ways to force it to grow more tops in less height. FIM is a pruning/topping technique that involves cutting the plant in order to force it to grow multiple tops. You can use the search function to learn more about each.

  9. ive heard that you should go by age of the plant. example for every 1 month you should get a pot that is 1 gallon bigger than the last. and with the ferts ive got one with an npk of 10.6, 4.4, 1.7 which ive heard isnt to bad.
    cheers again all.
  10. Yeah.
    Because people can get plants to different heights in different periods of time, I would go with the one gallon per foot of plant before I would go 1 month per gallon. Anyway, fert looks good too.
  11. Yes get a full grow under your belt then experiment with techniques.

    Thats a 6 inch pot you have it in.... i'd say in a week you should tranplant into a 12 inch dia pot.
  12. hi all cheers for all the advice and as it happens i went and got a bigger pot today so ill be doing that in the next couple of days. ive taken a few snaps of the little grow space i got going on so if its looks complete shit let me know. theres a door wich swings closed and a lid to go on top its not completly light proof but im working on that. oh the things around the cfl's is those chinese food container things and unused i know its daft but again im looking into buying some sort of reflector for it. and leaves are a little crisp coz i over - nuted the little thing but gave it fresh water today.
    as always guys im alway greatfull for info or advice. nice one

    oh and the bigger cfls are apparently equivelent to 150w each.

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  13. My little bit of advise :

    Those three planks you got there should be fixed to each other at the sides(left/right) and not in the middle of the plants. You will be very upset to open the box one day to find out that one or more lights fell down, crushed your plant and contaminated your grow box (and house) with mercury and tri-phosphates.

    Also, I strongly recommend a chain system to adjusting the lights distance from the plants. Because fluro's are not so bright, you'd want to adjust the hight of the lamps inch by inch or maybe even smaller increments daily.

    Third and final, you should make sure you fluro tubes you got have proper eletric grounding. Tubes are serious high voltage devices, if something goes wrong inside the metal box that powers up the tube chances are the metal casing may be powered up.
    This is not a problem for the metal casing nor does it have to be a problem for the tubes themselves, but it will be a problem for you.....

    Go for that extra efficienty and safety buddy!
    I wanna see you and those plants grow up without trauma.:D
  14. hi there guys about my little grow room there are actually four planks and iv put batons on either side's of the wall wich enables me to move them and i also use a couple of cd cases so i can move my baby a couple of mm a day by removing one cd case. to sum up
    plank nearset the wall has one 20w fluro atached
    next plank has two cfl's along it with the one cfl bieng 150w and the other a 100w
    next plank is the same
    and last plank is the other 20w fluro
    all are grounded and fairly secure i give them a litle test to make sure they dont fall.
    cheers guys ill post a few pics soon so you can ave a little lokk on what its looking like now
    cheers again
  15. Where did you get the flours, i have been suggesting these to people on here but no one seems to be able to find them... in my growcloset i use the 300w versions of those that i get out of Designer's Edge Flourescent Security Lights.

    They work great, and your doing a great job, plant looks perfect and internode spacing looks good.
  16. hi again all howz it going.
    dier if your on about the 20w'ers me mate got em from work (on site) but if ur on about the cfl's i just browsed around all the electric stores and maneged to find the smaller ones buy 1 get one free and the others were £3 each. but again if ur on bout the long fluros i wouldnt know were to look apart from the net maybe.
    cheers dier for the complements and cheers all for the advice
    nice one, laterz.:smoke:
  17. About the long fluro's :

    I don't know where you guys live but the DIY shops in the netherworld.... uhhm... lands allmost throw them at you when walking in the door.

    Allmost every office building in the country is lit up with these!
    Those long tubes themselves cost about 1 euro, a really good one maybe 3, special aquarium stuff about 15-30.

    The fixture ballast include for 2x18W (about 2 feet) cost around 30-40. This is somewhat more longterm 'investment' for you only need to replace the tube and starter everytime the tube wears out (1 year 2 grows for me I predict). The starter cost less then 1 euro so in the end it's pretty economical.
  18. they do sell them over here but it seems u can only buy in bulk orders so if ur after just one or two it dont look likely although i did find them on mail order from scewfix direct but only the longer 1200mm version and that is going for £27 so they dont come cheap over here and theres no bulb included.
    let me now if any one can finf them cheaper
    nice one, laterz
  19. hi again all, i have a quick question, if you look carefully at the first pic u'll notice the near top (fans i think u guys call em) have 9 leaves, ive never seen this before prob coz im new at this but would this indicate the sex or any problems with the plant?
    cheers guys 'n' gals

    oh one last thing iv got a ph/light and moist level meter and shows up on the ph as 7 i know this is a little high and was wondering if anyone knows of any decent ph up/down stuff and where abaouts do u get it looked round the local shops but no luck. ta

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  20. I'm pretty sure you can buy ph up/down at your local pet store. It's the same stuff you use to regulate the ph level of water in fishtanks.

    Your plant looks really healthy. Keep up the good work.

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