I'm new at all this!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Miss.Jane, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. So it would be very nice if someone could
    explain how you work things around these site
    and by the way

    I'm Emily
    Nice you meet you


  2. What do you mean "work things"?

    Hi Emily
    Nice to meet you too.
  3. Nvm i got the hang of it already
    like to post blogs and comment people
    thanx thought

    Whats your name?
    Dude i fucking love this place!
  4. My name is Zach, welcome to GC.

    I'll blaze one up for your arrival :smoke:
  5. Fucking sweet!
    Dude all my connects are not answearing my phone
    I'm actually starting tomorrow to grow my own buda!
    Where are you from?
  6. That sucks, maybe a little too late for dealers? lol.

    Good luck with your grow, I'm sure I'll run into you in the growers forum for sure then :)

    I live somewhere along the east coast... giving a state name would be telling ;)
  7. lol yup!
    Well thank you
    Oh are we not suppose to tell where we live?
    I need to know the rules around here
    i dont wanna get into trouble lol
  8. If you have a grow going, you probably don't want people to know where you live. There's no rule against it, just paranoia, lol

    So what strain you going to grow? Soil or Hydro?
  9. lol
    fuck paranoia
    i get away with alot of shit down here in texas
    i guess cause i look like a good girl


    I was reading some where in the internet
    before planting its best to soak your seeds in water
    is that true?
  10. haha, good girl growing pot, eh?

    You should give them a proper germination before you put them in the soil...

    1. Wet some paper towels down with bottled water so they are wet, but not dripping

    2. Place your seeds on one side of the paper towel and fold it over so it covers them

    3. Put the folded paper towel in a tupperware container

    4. Place in a warm, dark place until you see little white roots coming out of the seed

    5. Plant in the soil about an inch below surface... root down.
  11. lol
    they dont have to know the truth

    thanx alot

  12. Haha starting to shove those skeletons in the closet already...

    Any time.
  13. lol i guess so!
    how warm though?
    and which soil would be best?
  14. It doesn't need to be extremely warm, you could probably just sit the tupperware container on top of your computer or TV... make sure the paper towels don't dry out, keep adding water as necessary until they have germinated, should take 24-72 hours.

    I am an aeroponics grower, but I've heard Fox Farm Ocean Forrest is a great soil to use
  15. awsome thanks alot!
  16. Stoner girls- FTW.

    Welcome, fellow female and stoner. :]
  17. Hi
    It't nice to meet
    girls that smoke too!
    Where I live theres not alot of girl that smoke
    So I'm always with dudes hitting that bong
  18. Drop knowledge!

    Nah just kidding, welcome, hope to see ya around..

  19. Hell yeah, I'll second that! :metal:

  20. Agree, not enough girls smoke weed.

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