I'm moving from Iowa to LA, what to expect?

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  1. I've been in Iowa most of my life and will be moving to Culver City, CA (just west of LA) in a few months. I don't know really what to expect, and to be honest I'm pretty nervous haha.

    How are things different out there? I'm use to a slower paced, safe environment, corn...open fields, shit like that.

    Also what are prices like out there?
  2. Oh you in for some serious culture shock when you get here. Culver City is still considered part of Los Angeles - there are some great parts and some shady parts of CC too.

    One thing I will warn you about in advance, Culver City Cops take traffic patrolling SERIOUSLY. DO NOT EVER break a traffic law in Culver City, they'll pull you over really quickly.

    Culver City used to be home to the MGM Studios (it's now Sony), so there's a lot of "Hollywood" history around town. Downtown Culver City has been regentrified recently and is now a high-rent district full of trendy shops and Trader Joes.

    Once you establish residency I urge you to get a medical recommendation rather than try to get a hook up. Please check my "Do You Qualify" thread in the Medical section. Once you're legal you can expect prices to be all over the map from 25 an 8th to $100 an 8th. We have some of the greatest strains on the planet though.

    But to answer your main question, Los Angeles is not slow, nor is it safe. There are few open fields and more hills than anything else. The geography is all over too, in just 20 minutes you can go from the Desert to the Beach and pass pretty much every other type of geography in between.

    Life's pace seems to be much, much quicker here too, if you're used to things being slow, forget about it. If you blink here you miss something cool. The night-life is second to none too. There's always something to do, and virtually always going to be people around you, it's a city of over 3 million people in the general area.

    Traffic is a bitch too. You'll learn quickly to avoid certain areas during certain times (Sepulveda Blvd which runs parallel to the 405 freeway during Rush Hour is a bitch). Shit a couple weeks ago when the President was here it took THREE HOURS to drive home from my wife's work, a commute that is normally FIVE MINUTES. Though that is an extreme situation.

    Oh also the weather is going to shock you, especially when it's 75 degrees and sunny on Christmas Day. We have basically two seasons here, Summer and Not-Summer. Not-Summer is roughly November to March, everything else is basically Summer. Sure it's more temperate in April and May, but some of the hottest days on record happened in September and October. We've had a very MILD Summer thus far, which only bodes ill for the remainder.

    Now my questions for you:

    Do you have a job lined up already? If so what are you going to be doing? If not what's your usual field?

    Do you have housing already?

    Are you planning on a permanent move? Or is it temporary.

    I wish you luck, feel free to PM me if you need more info, I'm a native Angelino, meaning I was BORN here, I can breathe anything. I lived in San Diego for 17 years between my 10th and 27th year of life, but I've been back here for over a decade now. It's a great place to live if you can deal with all of the craziness that surrounds you, and honestly I wouldn't really want to live in any other major city.
  3. ya bro i live in LA its a cool city. its a pretty diverse city and most of the people are real cool. when it comes to pot youll find that a lot of people blaze haha. i mean shit, tons of people on GC are from LA haha
  4. ^^^ WildWill hit the nail on the head there
  5. Me and my buddies road tripped from chicago (where we live) to cali and actually spent a few nights in culver city. Nice place. But from a middlewesternians perspective.... Your going to love it. Things are more expensive so be ready. First day you get there get high as fuck, get in n out burger, eat at the beach. You wont regret it.

    1. Aggressive, suicidal drivers
    2. institutionalized insanity
    3. high prices
    4. Mexican-Americans (viva la rasa!)
    6. lots and lots of stress
    Enjoy. :D
  6. you are gonna have one hell of a shock like the first poster says. Hope you can adjust quickly man
  7. Congratulations on getting out of this hell hole.
  8. lol, you're gonna get to find out what "Livin' LaVida Loco" is all about!
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    well i just moved from culver city but visit the place all the time.

    take what wildwill says seriously about the cops. they are always just waiting for someone to fuck up, especially on sepulveda.

    theres a bike path that will take you to venice beach in arouond 20 min. Culver City is a pretty good place to live. you can get anywhere pretty quick. people are decent.

    check out Tito's Tacos.

    I dont like the prices in west la area, but your better off going downtown or even hollywood.

    pm me if you have a more specific question.

    also, if you feel overwhelmed with the city. you can take the metro out to lancaster, (try to go when the poppies are in bloom, very beautiful, but are only around a little)
  10. I just came back from LA a while ago.. here are some things

    -Traffic is fucking horrible, horrible, HORRIBLEEEEEEEE

    -nightlife is amazing

    -restaurants are amazing

    -scenery is amazing

    -beautiful women

    -amazing graffiti

    -very multicultural (huge armenian,mexican community)

    i loved LA except for you know that one thing mentioned
  11. I've lived in Culver City for the majority of my life right off of Venice and La Cienega, and I loved it.

    Life there is fast paced, have to always be on your toes to get ahead, but it's always fun. I honestly think it's my favorite places I've experienced, besides San Diego where I lived a few years and absolutely loved it (lived on a huge sailboat). Good luck!
  12. Well, i have been to iowa before my dad grew up there. and i dont know what prices are like there cause when i went i didnt smoke. but here the prices are about $20/g of dank in southern california. and about $10/g for shwag. But, if you buy a pound brick you can get down too about $2/g. What you should expect is a lot of pot heads, danker weed, cops dont care as much, might be legal for 21 and older soon. hope you find a connection soon! :bongin:
  13. Oh god I can't believe I forgot about Tito's Tacos

    Fact is there are so many amazing food places in town, it's hard to pick a favorite, but Tito's is always a treat, as is Pink's Hot Dogs.

    And I'm a vegetarian! Seriously Tito's is worth it. ESPECIALLY when you don't have to wait in too long of a line.
  14. Your mind blown, man.
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    dont people refer to L.A. as the "gang capital of the nation" ?
  16. Are cops really that bad about traffic there? My aunt lives downin Newport Beach but she's up in that area all the time and she said that cops only pull you over if you something extra stupid like doubling the speed limit, since traffics already a bitch having someone pulled over would cause a traffic nightmare. I have visited a few times and never seen a traffic stop.

    Anyways I've visited a few times and I really like it. Definitely a big culture shock but I'm sure you'll like it, there's a lot of interesting people.
  17. So your movin to GangLand....Home of fast cars, fast bitchez, and an even faster lyfe! Just watch your back when you enter and try not to look lost or new to the scene...Jackers and kidnappers can smell that a million miles away!! Oh yeah if u ever want to go clubbin...the nitelife will knock your socks off the clubs bang so loud you can hear them from across the county!! Have fun kid...be nervous be very nervous bcuz out of towners get spotted quickly and dealt with as a way of sayin welcome!!

  18. Newport Beach is MILES away from Culver City dude
  19. Oh... My bad. I don't live there so I don't know the area at all.

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