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I'm making a birthday headshop run...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bassistheshit3, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I need ideas. I already have 2 bongs (neither of them are super nice though), a bowl, a one hitter and a grinder. an mflb is an option, and i'm probably getting a smallish bubbler. I was also thinking an ash catcher...I don't really have a price limit but i'm not about to spend 200$ on a huge ass bong.
    anywho, any ideas?
  2. Either a big pipe or a bubbler!
    Or it's a weird head shop, buy some weird sex toy which also functions as a type. I've seen'em... i've seen'em.
  3. wtf....?
  4. Get a sweet bubbler. On my 18th birthday I got a bubbler it was the best purchase Ive gotten.
  5. A nice bong with a Perc and ice catch, something made out of good thick glass but nothing too fancy or expensive brandname shit.
  6. Get a hammer!
  7. With a budget like $200 you won't get a super nice piece... you'll just keep adding to your average collection.

    Splurge. I just dropped 5 bills on this set up and I don't regret it one bit.


  8. You've never been to a headshop that is run by a crazy European and there's creepy sex toys everywhere next to the bongs? Man there's one in my city, and I've seen two others in another city.

  9. When I lived in Tampa, one of the nicest shops had the high end tubes next to the bondage swing selection.
  10. A tube would be nice but I say get a cig roller it rolls the most perfect joints and blunts.

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